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The fourth annual Milledgeville Film Festival is coming up, with the promise of a wide range of films, panels, workshops and networking opportunities. The festival features films of every genre from all over the world. There are over 460 submissions from 40 different countries this year.

Michael Gillett, a film archivist and graphic designer, said he always has a lot of fun.

”It’s cool to see all of the networking opportunities,” Gillett said. “You get to meet people from all over the world, seeing all types of films, but they all kind of come together and speak the same language, which is film.”

Gillett said that there’s something for everyone at the Milledgeville Film Festival.

“What we’re doing this year is kind of broadening the topics,” Gillett said. “We get everything from music videos to horror shorts, feature length films, and documentary shorts.”

Ian McNeal, a political science major and community board member, has participated in this festival since 2015. McNeal said the Milledgeville Film Festival is a great way to be involved in alternate interests outside of his major and GC organizations.

McNeal said that one of his favorite things about the Milledgeville Film Festival each year is the variety of panels it offers.

“I really enjoy the industry panels, and they’ve been getting better as the festival continues to grow,” McNeal said. “I remember two years ago there were only a couple of panels, and now there’s a variety of them.”

Gillett said this year is unlike any year before, because the festival will be featuring even more types of films and panels than they have in the past. Along with the different film genres and panels offered, some of the films are even shown in off-campus locations, such as Andalusia Farm and Central State Hospital.

Skyler Wilkes, a theatre major and box office manager for the Milledgeville Film Festival, is particularly intrigued by the networking opportunities available at the festival.

“I’m interested in the panels and seeing what the actors and filmmakers have to say, as well as just being involved in the whole atmosphere of it,” Wilkes said. “It’s a good way to get involved with the community outside of school.”

“We can support all kinds of filmmakers and what their passions are,” said Jonathan Berry, a theatre major and student volunteer. “It’s also very welcoming and helps out all of the businesses in downtown Milledgeville.”

McNeal said the importance of this event is not to be understated, and that the Milledgeville Film Festival helps bridge the gap between the Milledgeville community and the college.

“We can show what Georgia College and Milledgeville are capable of,” McNeal said. “Not only are we showcasing this great event, but we are also showcasing content that has been created by Milledgeville creators and students.”

The Milledgeville Film Festival will take place April 26 -- April 30, and tickets are available online at

“I think it’s really important to bring in people from different perspectives, different walks of life, and different experiences,” Gillett said. “It also gives students a chance to learn from industry professionals. You get a chance to see what they have to offer us, but they also get to learn from us.”


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