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So you want to... eat healthy on campus?

Eat healthy on campus?

Heard of the freshman fifteen? Fear not. Georgia College is doing its best to help you maintain a healthy diet and avoid the extra pounds without curbing your new freedom to eat whatever you want.

The largest on-campus eating option is the Maxwell Student Dining Hall, or The MAX, if you’re a local. Here you will find various options, from pizza and burgers to international food to homemade meals.

The MAX has recently worked to increase their healthy options. Stacey Gibson, an employee at the MAX, said they have made several changes this year, including expanding vegan and vegetarian options, as well changing the way food is served to students.

“Our salad bar is no longer self-served. The salads are now hand-tossed,” said Gibson. “Switching from self-serve to hand tossed allowed us to add protein such as ham and turkey to the salad bar.”

Gibson said that now each food station has labels as well to identify health-conscious items.

Jarvis William, a long-time MAX supervisor with fifteen years of experience, said that they use coconut oil, and they try to steam and bake a lot of the food instead of frying.

If you don’t have time for a full meal or are in the mood for a sandwich, just underneath The MAX is Subway. Since the sub shop allows you to choose your own toppings, it serves as a great opportunity to get creative and make something healthy.

Next door to Subway is Einstein Bros, which offers fresh bagels, sandwiches, muffins, and cookies. Andre Warren, an Einstein employee, said that they offer salads, fruit cups, and yogurt as healthier options.

Students themselves offered their own advice for how to maintain healthy habits and keep your figure. One freshman suggested cooking for yourself.

“If you are living on the dorms and have a fridge, buy some chicken and vegetables,” said freshman Samantha Fisher, a pre-nursing major. “There are kitchens downstairs, so cooking your own meals is definitely an option.”

Next time you’re hungry, look beyond the pizza line at The Max and explore some healthier options nearby.

Photo Courtesy of Bethany Straus


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