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Young Bobcats ready to begin new adventure at GC

As veteran Bobcats flocked back to Georgia College to begin the 2017-2018 school year, a large class of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Bobkittens also arrived to see what the next four years have in store for them.

Two weeks into the new year, the freshmen class seems to be having positive experiences with their professors and their peers.

“Everyone is just friendly,” said freshman Kyle King, a marketing major. “There’s no one discriminating people, and I like that.”

While many of the freshmen described how much they enjoyed the friendliness of the student body, freshman Trevor Sharpe, an environmental science major, listed other reasons for loving GC.

“I like all the girls,” Sharpe said.

Along with being intrigued by the female-to-male ratio on campus, Sharpe also said he enjoys GC’s atmosphere.

“It’s a smaller environment,” Sharpe said. “And you pretty much see everyone around campus all the time, and the professors [are] all nice.”

Sharpe originally planned to attend Georgia Southern, but he decided to come to Georgia College at the last minute.

Because GC has provided such a warm and welcoming atmosphere, much of the Class of 2021 has planned to get involved on campus early in the year.

Sharpe has already signed up for an intramural flag football team, and he plans to rush a fraternity later this fall. Others like Clara Sulik, an early childhood education major, have already made plans to apply for GC’s award-winning education cohort.

Freshman Jordan Peebles, undeclared, is excited to be on campus, and she even wants to work for the school.

“I’m trying to get an on-campus job right now,” Peebles said. “I wanted to do the activities they have, like the rafting stuff they have at the community center.”

Peebles is also enjoying the small class sizes and all the on-campus help she gets with her classes.

Like many of the freshmen, King also plans to get involved in clubs and activities on campus that appeal to his unique interests.

“I’m actually signing up for the International Club,” said King, who wants to travel to Japan one day because he loves the culture.

So far, Georgia College’s dynamic environment meets all the unique needs and interests of this year’s freshmen class, and many freshmen like King said they are happy they chose GC instead of a larger university.

“I feel like if I had a problem, they would get to me more quickly than a big school would,” King said. “I love it here.”

Infographic courtesy of Kristen Pack / Copyright The Colonnade


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