• Kaylin Martinko | Staff Writer

GC ride-sharing service TapRide to debut this fall

Georgia College is launching TapRide, a ride-sharing service similar to Uber, later this fall. The service will be available to all GC students, faculty and staff members.

TapRide was created by the Parking and Transportation department at Georgia College. With it, they hope to add new meaning to one of their core values: innovation.

“We want to take Parking and Transportation to the next frontier,” said John Jackson, TapRide manager. “The next frontier is on-demand transportation, not a fixed route. Milledgeville isn’t big enough to support an Uber, so we looked at how we [could] create this ourselves.”

In order to get a ride, one merely needs to “tap” on the GC TapRide app and login with their Unify credentials.

“That’s awesome! I’ll definitely take advantage of that because some of the parking here is so far away,” said junior Kayla Henne, who commutes to campus.

TapRide will be available throughout Milledgeville. Running from Kroger, to both east and west campuses, and to Arcadia on the River, it will reach beyond the range of both SNAP and GC’s shuttle bus system. TapRide will run from around 9 a.m. until 3 a.m. and will work alongside SNAP.

“This program is meant to supplement what a great job SNAP does in their limited area around campus,” Jackson said. “As the campus has expanded, there is a need for transportation to go outside of the geographic confines of SNAP.”

Unlike Uber, TapRide will cost a consistent $5 per ride. This price does not change with varying distances or the amount of people in the car.

“It’s nice because if a group of friends is going to the same place, they can all catch a ride, and it would still only be $5,” Jackson said.

The drivers will be student workers employed by Parking and Transportation, who must go through a training process to ensure rider safety in order to drive for TapRide. The training includes defensive driving, first aid and BRAVE.

“I feel like this will be safer,” said sophomore Ragan Smoak. “If I want to go downtown, it will definitely be faster than walking.”

TapRide is expected to become available as early as Oct. 1.


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