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GC students explore opportunities abroad

Georgia College students learned about current and future study abroad trips from both faculty and students during the Study Abroad Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 20.

With over 20 tables and even more volunteers, the fair informed GC students about opportunities to travel and learn, funding sources available to them and other opportunities for after they graduate.

“The main purpose is to get the word out of all the different study abroad options that Georgia College has,” said Assistant Director of Education Abroad Liz Havey. “We really try to highlight our programs that are led by our GC faculty.”

The event ran from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Front Campus. Programs included trips to Ghana, Chile, Taiwan and Italy.

Students visiting tables of the different study abroad options heard stories from previous study abroad students, obtained information from faculty and signed up to receive more information.

While students must have completed two semesters at GC before studying abroad, most programs are open to all students. Programs such as a two-week trip to Ghana in 2018 offer courses for prospective 2nd-years as well as graduate students.

One of the first trips to Asia directly through GC takes place in the summer of 2018. Tsu-Ming Chiang, professor of psychological sciences, is leading a trip to Taiwan with Jenq-Foung Yao, a professor of computer science.

“This is just a totally unique and different experience that [will] put our students in a more global sense and not just in a European influence,” Chiang said. “There are African, Asian, all these influences that could give them a more well-rounded perspective.”

Freshman Bim Peacock, undeclared, learned more about programs from Ghana and Italy, both of which he said interested him.

“I like going out and seeing different things,” Peacock said. “It makes me curious. I think [the fair] definitely pushed me more toward doing that than a summer job.”

The International Education Center hosts this fair every year. They also hold information sessions for students interested in learning more about studying abroad and financial aid resources every Monday through Thursday at 2 p.m. in the Bone House.

Faculty present at the fair said students gain more than just academic credit from these experiences. They get the chance to connect with a place, its people and its culture in meaningful ways beyond education.

“There’s opportunity for a lot of growth and development and transformation to broaden our senses, our eyes, to see another part of the world,” said Warren Hope, chair of the Department of Professional Learning and Innovation.

Hope, along with Chair of the Department of History and Geography Aran MacKinnon, is leading the Ghana trip in the summer of 2018.

“We’re really privileged to be here on this beautiful campus in our little bubble in Milledgeville, but there’s a whole big wide world out there that students can really benefit from,” MacKinnon said.


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