• Austin May | Contributing Writer

Milledgeville and GC campus elevators months behind on state inspections

Eight out of the nine elevators on Georgia College’s campus and in the downtown Milledgeville area are at least four months behind on their mandatory inspections from the Georgia Department of Insurance and Fire Safety.

“This happens every year,” said GC Maintenance Supervisor Coby Dixon. “We perform our monthly maintenance checks, and Thyssenkrupp has a technician on site at least once a week to address any problems that could happen.”

The most recent state inspection at GC occurred in June 2017 after a new elevator was installed in Beeson Hall.

However, most of the older elevators on campus have not been inspected in 13 months. Their inspection tags show an expiration date of May 2017.

“Safety inspector with the State Fire Marshal’s Office will begin inspecting campus elevators on Monday, Sept. 25,” said Glenn Allen, spokesman for the Georgia Department of Insurance and Fire safety. “This process could take several days to complete.”

One of the busiest elevators in Milledgeville, located in the Baldwin County Courthouse, has not been inspected since November 2015, almost two years ago.

As of Sept. 25, the elevator in Bell Hall, a residence hall located on GC’s main campus, was last inspected in August 2016, and its inspection tag expired in May 2017.

Senior Lauren Kirby, a liberal studies major and Bell Hall resident, said she noticed the inspection tag was expired when she came back to school at the beginning of the semester.

“It made me feel a little nervous because elevators that are not inspected regularly could be hazardous,” Kirby said. “On a college campus and at a courthouse, you’d think they’d be more up-to-date and on top of things because they’d be concerned about people’s safety, especially students.”

GC maintains its elevators and keeps up-to-date logs, but Georgia’s Office of Insurance and Fire Safety is required to come by and double check that everything has been done properly. Each month, GC checks the state inspection tag and performs a standard inspection, which includes checking the phone, testing the fire alarm and verifying the lights work.

“There’s nothing to worry about safety-wise,” Dixon said. “It usually takes around six months, sometimes up to a year, for them to inspect the elevators.”


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