• Graham Hill | Staff Writer

SGA proposes initiatives at first senate meeting

24-hour campus study space, diversity and sustainability discussed.

The Georgia College Student Government Association (SGA) presented and discussed upcoming legislation at its rst senate meeting at the Milledgeville City Hall on Sept. 29.

SGA Vice President Matt Jones said he was particularly excited about discussing the possibility of a 24-hour, on-campus study space.

“Something the students want, and the administration wants, is the best kind of legislation,” Jones said.

Sophomore Cam Watts, an at-large senator and head of the Academic Affairs Committee, is tackling this legislation head-on, but he also said that it will not be easy to accomplish.

“The 24-hour study space is going to be a little tricky just because we are going to need to allocate some space on campus dedicated strictly to that, so it is going to be a lot of working with administration,” Watts said.

GC students can also be prepared to see GC working more closely with the Early College Program.

Senator Gabby Aladesuyi, head of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, along with other members of her committee, will be sitting down with Dr. Runee Sallad, director of the Early College Program, to discuss how best SGA can improve the relationship between GC and the Early College Program.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is also working on a diversity week for the spring semester. Aladesuyi and the rest of SGA are working hard to further the conversation and action on diversity on GC’s campus.

“We are really trying to push the conversation of what diversity and inclusion can do for a college campus and especially a liberal arts campus, and we want to change the conversation from being among minority students to being among all students,” Aladesuyi said.

Aladesuyi and recently elected President Pro Tempore (PPT) Amelia Lord said they are excited to work with the GC Office of Sustainability in order to improve Georgia College’s recycling and composting practices.

“I’m super excited to sponsor and endorse more events that have to do with the Of ce of Sustainability because I think that is a direction we’re moving in with the school,” Lord said.

"We are really trying to push the conversation of what diversity and inclusion can do for a college campus."

-Gabby Aladesuyi

SGA will also have to work with the City of Milledgeville in order to accomplish these goals. Lord said that since GC students have control over sustainability practices, she is excited to see what new things can come out of the work the Campus Wellness and Sustainability Committee will do.

Lord said she will also use her extensive knowledge of the governing documents of SGA in her new role as PPT to maximize the impact that SGA can have on campus. “I think there’s a lack of understanding for exactly what our governing documents say and what they can be applied to, with different student organizations,” Lord said.

While SGA has only just begun its work for the semester, the senators and leadership are already working in committees and with GC administrators on legislation. GC students will gain a better idea of the specifics of SGA’s agenda as it begins debating newly proposed legislation at its upcoming meeting on Friday, Oct. 6.


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