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So you want to... pet a dog?

If you are feeling the stress of midterms and also enjoy the company of four-legged, furry friends, the Baldwin County Animal Shelter might be just the place for you.

“Volunteers are a huge asset,” said Baldwin County Animal Shelter administrator Rebecca Lanier-Weeks. “No amount of help is too small.”

A day in the life at the shelter tends to be hectic, and with a limited amount of volunteers on hand, it is always chaotic.

“We are looking for volunteers to wash dishes, do laundry, walk the dogs, and transport the animals,” Lanier-Weeks said. “But the most important job is to socialize with the dogs and cats.”

But how does the average Joe get involved?

Fortunately for Georgia College students, there is a campus organization that is dedicated solely to aiding the local shelter.

GC Shelter Buddies is a group of students who volunteer at the shelter on a regular basis.

They also have multiple fundraisers, such as selling t-shirts or hosting spirit nights at local restaurants. “Being apart of GC Shelter Buddies contributes to your whole college experience,” said sophomore Tate Pointer, Shelter Buddies Vice President. “Helping these animals allows you to give back to your community, whether you are from here or not.”

To get in touch with the club, just reach out on social media or attend one of the club’s meetings.

GC Shelter Buddies is doing everything they can to help the shelter rescue and care for the dogs and cats in the community.

They help get these animals off the streets of Milledgeville, bring them in and place them in homes.

Pointer shared the touching reason for his involvement with the shelter. “There was this black lab puppy that came to the shelter that was frightened and obviously from a bad home,” Pointer said. “By just loving on her for a while, I saw a transformation from being scared to always begging for my attention.”

He went on to say they are not just there to walk dogs but to also rehabilitate and love them.

Freshman Sydni Gilbert, a psychology major, shared why she joined GC Shelter Buddies.

“This is my first year of being in college, and I left all my pets back home, so I am trying to love on the animals here in Milledgeville,” Gilbert said.

So, whether you need a furry fi

x or a break from the never-ending cycle of studying, reach out to the animal shelter or GC Shelter buddies to see how you can contribute. “College is stressful enough,” Pointer said. “This is a great way to relieve that stress by loving on some dogs because trust me, they need it too.”


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