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Ready and rooted

Locals and downtown business prep for annual Deep Roots Festival

The annual Deep Roots festival is always highly anticipated by GC students and Milledgeville residents.

As one of the biggest festivals in middle Georgia, Deep Roots attracts thousands of residents from all over the state.

Junior Erin Dickman, a liberal studies major, runs the social media for the festival. In order to properly run the social media, Dickman had to conduct research on the bands.

“You have to find much from the band, something that’s popular, know a bit about them and make sure you’re saying everything right,” Dickman said.

Bands this year include Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Muddy Magnolias and Drivin N Cryin. Dickman believes this is one of the most popular years for the festival as there are many well-known bands rather just one or two.

“I think they nally just got this perfect, well-rounded group of bands to encompass everyone in Milledgeville,” Dickman said.

With this lineup, local businesses can expect large crowds.

For many restaurants, Deep Roots is the single busiest day of the year. Many restaurants are taking extra steps to prepare for the busy weekend.

The Brick is preparing by scheduling more waiters, hosts and kitchen staff. Additionally, the restaurant will be using buzzers this year in hopes that the lines will run more efficiently, according to Anna Williams, the front-of-the-house manager.

Williams, a Milledgeville native, looks forward to the festival. “[It’s] a chance for everybody to see the town,” Williams said. “It’s a great thing for the city of Milledgeville to do. It brings a lot of people in.”

Local Yolkal will open and close one hour later than normal to better serve the influx of customers. Owner Cliff Charnes stated that since the restaurant does not stay open as late as other restaurants, they will focus on serving the population over the entire weekend rather than focusing solely on Saturday.

“Our Sunday of Deep Roots weekend is just as busy as our Saturday,” Charnes said. “We end up doing really well when you look at is as a weekend as a whole.”

Charnes also believes that the popularity of the bands will bring in even more people, which is important to business.

For new vendors such as Cravings, this will be theirfirst Deep Roots festival as a business. Owner Don Pez looks forward to the experience. “It’s the best advertisement around the area,” Pez said.

Cravings, the only vendor to provide bubble tea, hopes that its unique menu will attract customers. In addition to bubble tea, Cravings will serve authentic food such as egg rolls and barbecued steak.

Deep Roots will be held in downtown Milledgeville on Saturday, Oct. 21.

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