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Scott MacLeod--the voice of the Bobcats

Scott MacLeod, left, pictured with color commentator Darrell Black, doing the post-game recap at a recent Baldwin County football game.

When it comes to GC sports, there is one name that stands out above the rest as a true legend. A name that has become synonymous with talent, class, dedication, humility and kindness. A name and a voice that has given the Georgia College athletics department a sense of identity, and that name is Scott MacLeod, a GC hall-of-fame broadcaster.

Through school name changes, mascot changes and even a change in division, MacLeod has persevered through it all.

MacLeod has been broadcasting for Georgia College for nearly 40 years, beginning in 1978 with his coverage of the men’s baseball team. MacLeod has been a staple of the Georgia College sports community, and to this day, he loves doing it.

“[Broadcasting] is what I love to do,” MacLeod said. “Doing play-by-play is what gets me going and gets me out of bed.”

Scott MacLeod for years has been a model professional in the broadcasting field, and, in 2011, Macleod was recognized for his contribution to the GC sports community when he was inducted into the GC Sports Hall-of-Fame.

Despite his extensive contribution to the program, MacLeod was still humbled and surprised when he received the honor.

“It was a shock, I didn’t expect that,” said MacLeod. “You do the job you’re supposed to do, and you don’t expect the accolades.”

MacLeod’s rapport goes well beyond personal achievements, as he has touched many lives in his time at GC.

Maurice Smith, GC’s head coach of women’s basketball, got to know MacLeod as a player for the men’s basketball team and now has the pleasure of working with MacLeod as part of the coaching staff.

Smith was noticeably upbeat when talking about MacLeod, describing him as a “great friend” and the “ultimate professional.”

"broadcasting is what I love to do. Doing play-by-play is what gets be going and gets me out of bed."

-Scott MacLeod

MacLeod has made a massive impact on the GC sports community, but GC has also left a lasting impression on MacLeod.

“Even after 40 years, you’re still here wanting to do the best job you can each day,” MacLeod said. “Georgia College has been a big part of my life obviously.”

“Scott is a Bobcat, he bleeds it, loves Georgia College,” added Smith. “[There’s] nothing he wouldn’t do for Georgia College.”

Sam Jones, a graduate assistant for the sports information office at GC, spoke very highly of MacLeod having known him for more than three years.

“He’s one of the best I’ve been around,” Jones said. “To have that kind of connection with a small college like this, I think that’s really special for a broadcaster to do.”

MacLeod’s experience in the broadcasting field rubbed off on Jones, who has worked with MacLeod broadcasting games for GC.

“I’ve picked up so much from being around him and listening to what he does and seeing how he prepares for the game and how he’s able to paint a picture,” said Jones.

Even after 40 years, MacLeod’s passion is unwavering, and he remains dedicated to working for this small community.

MacLeod speaks of the GC community with such fondness, and everyone at GC who knows him couldn’t say a negative thing about him.

When asked about the amount of work that MacLeod has done for GC, Smith was amazed that Scott could keep it up for this long, with such a high level of commitment and energy.

“For him to be running rampant so much, it’s amazing how he never lacks energy,” Smith said. “He is full of energy and full of life. His enthusiasm rubs off on us.”

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