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Deep Roots crowds bene t local businesses

The Deep Roots Festival attracts people from all over the Southeast to Milledgeville to shop and attend concerts, impacting businesses throughout the city.

“It’s fantastic,” said Allison Esposito, a barista at Blackbird Coffee and GC graduate, as she faced a line of thirsty coffee-lovers stretching out the door. “We see twice as many people we normally do on any given Saturday and our tips triple.”

Just a few hours into the festival, the streets were flooded with people strolling through the numerous tents and businesses downtown as lunch was on everyone’s mind. All of the businesses downtown were packed, but The Brick’s attendance stood out above its neighbors. The line for the tourist-favorite restaurant wrapped around the corner and continued down the street.

“We generate about two to three times more money during Deep Roots,” said The Brick’s manager Patrick Kay. “The only other day that comes close to that is GC graduation, so it’s definitely a great time for The Brick and this community.”

However, Deep Roots does not only affect the businesses in historic downtown Milledgeville. Restaurants located on the north side of town, such as the Pickle Barrel and Pueblas, also overflowed with customers. It seems that wherever businesses in Milledgeville are located, they all benefi

t from the Deep Roots Festival.

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