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Staging a Farewell

Senior dancers reflect on their years at GC amid Bountiful performance

Sunday’s performance of Bountiful, a student choreographed dance concert, brought three senior dancers one step closer to the end of their road at Georgia College.

“I am graduating this upcoming December,” said senior Amy Webb, “so this year’s Bountiful performance is kind of my goodbye.”

Webb and fellow dancers Caroline Orlando and Margo Rothstein have choreographed and performed their nal Bountiful production and are now on the road to continue future in the world dance.

Transferring three times and dancing through injuries, Webb has never ceased to pursue her love of dance. As a liberal arts major with concentrations in dance, theater and photography, she has an obvious passion for performing.

Throughout her years here at GC, Webb has developed a love for teaching by instructing tap classes at the community dance center. Also with a concentration in theater, she has grown to love the lighting aspect of performing.

When discussing her plans for the future, Webb said, “Dance is an outlet for me, and I want to inspire kids by teaching them dance, so they can have the same opportunity. I also want to be a theater electrician and work with theater lighting.”

With similar goals for her future, Caroline Orlando sees herself teaching dance part time while also having a career in physical therapy.

“I recently got into physical therapy school,” said Orlando. “I really want to be a physical therapist for a dance company while possibly teaching at a dance studio.” Orlando has been invited for the past three years to the prestigious American College Dance Association conference and hopes to be invited to her fourth and nal conference this year. She also is the president of Chi Tau Epsilon, the dance minor honor society that hosts the Bountiful production every fall.

In describing what is was like preparing for Bountiful, Orlando said, “This show allows you the freedom to experiment with different ideas. It is a learning experience.” Rothstein had a similar opinion about the Bountiful production.

“I like the low-key feel,” said Rothstein. “I like that it is student-run and that you get to take risks because it is a smaller show.”

Rothstein is a mathematics major and dance minor. She said it is hard to balance such a concrete major with such an artistic minor, but she loves dancing to unwind.

She also said she has nothing but happy thoughts when looking back on her journey of dance at GC. “The dance department was the first place I felt at home in college,” said Rothstein. After graduation, she hopes to nd a group of dancers and continue to just dance for fun.

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