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The Joy of Julia

Genuine, passionate, loving, dedicated—these are all words that have been used to described former Georgia College student Julia Tarter, who passed away in 2013 in a tragic car accident.

In her time at Georgia College, Julia Tarter’s impact was felt across the entire campus according to those who knew her. Julia was deeply involved in Phi Mu, Student Ambassadors and Young Life. Within those organizations, Julia’s presence was always known.

“Julia’s family has obviously been incredibly humbled, and honored and inspired by the way she chose to live her life,” said Julia’s father, Kurt Tarter.

Just a freshman in Phi Mu, Julia’s passion and dedication was recognized by the president of Phi Mu, who was a senior at the time, according to her father. For Julia, there was never time for half measures.

“Julia was never half in or half out with whatever she did, she was always all in with whatever she did,” said Tarter.

Even today, Julia’s impact is still widely felt on campus. There are multiple events and scholarships in her name at Georgia College including Jammin for Julia, a Phi Mu fundraiser, a Young Life 5k which raises money for a Young Life scholarship in her name, and a Student Ambassador’s award.

“What has been truly astonishing to me as Julia’s father is the deep and wide impact she had in every organization,” said Tarter. “The reason [her impact] was wide was because of the deep impact she had on people.”

Jammin’ for Julia has already raised over $10,000, and the new goal for the event is $100,000, according to Tarter.

To this day, Julia’s family still receives letters about how much of an impact Julia had on the people around her and her community, both at Georgia College and away from Milledgeville at Winshape Camps and North Point Church.

They still hear about the deep love and respect Julia had for everyone around her.

“The reason she could be this complete person was her unconditional love for everything and for everyone,” said Tarter. “She just loved life. She loved people. She just loved to be enthusiastically engaged in every aspect of life.”

Julia’s love and passion will still be felt for years and years to come through these events that carry on in her name.

Julia Tarter will forever be known as someone who gave her all to the people she interacted with and the organizations she participated in.

Julia’s father has been touched as he continues to learn about the love that GC has given back to Julia for all that she did for our community.

“It is awesome to see how Julia was loved at Georgia College,” Tarter said.

Julia’s impact can be seen and heard firsthand as Jammin for Julia will be held on Nov. 1.

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