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Milly's Guide to Fall Fashion

Milledgeville’s boutiques have some of the latest trends for a stylish fall in the south. Firefly Boutique.

French Vill’edge, and Miles of Styles tell us what to wear—and what not to wear—this fall.

Avery Hutcheson, an employee at Firefly, described all the newest styles that the boutique has to offer. Hutcheson’s first piece of advice? Layering. Pair a cute long-sleeve top with a vest, and you’re good to go.

Crushed velvet (especially pants), leather leggings (yes, leather is still in!), and bell-bottom jeans are super cute go-to’s for bottoms. Of course, with your bottoms, don’t forget the perfect booties to go along with your outfit.

Thigh-high boots are still a popular trend this fall, paired with a chunky sweater to create an edgy fall look.

Distressed everything—jeans, tops, skirts, and even purses—are very in this fall.

One of Hutcheson’s pieces of advice of what not to do is don’t stress too much about matching.

“Trying to match everything is definitely out,” said Hutcheson. “Like wearing black and brown or black and blue—who cares? No one cares about that anymore.”

And, good news: Hutcheson said you can still wear white after labor day!

The French Vill’edge had some great fashion tips to share, too. The store’s owner Adeline Bramlett said one unusual, but popular, trend right now is long sleeve tops under tank tops.

This way, you can still wear that super cute tank top that you thought was only for summer—under your long-sleeve top!

Bramlett said that prints are not as big this year. If you do wear prints, keep it simple, she advised.

Miles of Styles on North Columbia Street has a more eclectic sense of style. Owner Heidi Martin said that boho is the look this fall. It may be a more unusual look, but your out t will be eye-catching. Martin advised to pair your boho out t with a floppy hat.

The main colors to wear this fall are olive green, maroon and mustard.

Martin said tall boots, including cheetah print and faux snake skin, are the perfect way to complete your out t. One thing Martin said to stay away from this year are boot-cut jeans. Replace those boot-cuts with a cute pair of patterned leggings or are jeans.

“The 70’s are major, major in this fall,” said Martin.

Like the very popular 70’s trend, simple and long jewelry should be your accessory of choice, especially long earrings to frame your face. More good news: chokers are still in.

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