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Bartholomew earns GC soccer's first PBC POTY

Georgia College junior Amanda Bartholomew earned the Peach Belt Conference Soccer Player of the Year, the first in program history.

Bartholomew led the Peach Belt with 19 goals during the regular season, earning her the Select Sport Gold Ball Award and breaking GC’s record. She is also tied for the 13th highest single-season total in PBC history, leading the league with 44 total points along with being tied for sixth in assists. Bartholomew is ranked third in all of Division II in total points.

Bartholomew, often referred to as “Bartholomessi” by her teammates, has helped the Bobcats wrap up an amazing 2017 season with her performance on and off the field. Head coach Hope Clark said Bartholomew gives 100 percent in both training and games and always maintains a positive and humble attitude.

“She leads by her actions,” Clarke said. “She doesn’t take a moment or a day off mentally.”

Bartholomew said that although she has achieved so many honorary accomplishments this year, she doesn’t play for stats or award: she solely plays for her love of the game.

Bartholomew also said she is never complacent and is always striving to play better. After a game, she doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about what she did well, instead considering her mistakes and how she can improve.

“I see my mistakes more than other people,” Bartholomew said. “I guess it could be a bad thing that I’m so hard on myself, but I think it helps me to always want to work harder to get better.”

Playing at Georgia College has helped Bartholomew gain confidence and perform better. She transferred to GC her sophomore year and started training with the team in the spring. Bartholomew said that they were supportive and welcoming from the beginning, which immediately made her feel like she was a part of Bobcat Soccer.

Bartholomew has a great relationship with not only her team, but also with the faculty and staff at GC, which is another reason she loves playing. The GC sports department staff prioritizes making the student athletes feel like they are part of a family.

“A positive environment is honestly just the culture that I try to create among our family,” Clark said. “I strive to maintain a positive energy and an outlook based on gratitude, which always puts the team as the priority, not the individuals.”

Wendell Staton, GC’s Athletic Director, refers to Bartholomew at “AB.” He said athletes like “AB” often only come along once in a coach’s career. Staton said that he is proud of Bartholomew’s success, and that it ultimately leads to the team’s success.

Staton also said that Bartholomew deflects attention despite her success, putting the attention on everyone else. Bartholomew’s ultimate goal is to help others and her team, which contributes to her being a well-rounded player, on and off the field.

“AB’s don’t come along very often,” Staton said. “She has the complete package of work ethic, talent, person, character and academics. She’s the most selfless person you’ll ever meet.”

Coach Clark foresees more major accomplishments in Bartholomew’s soccer career including another Player of the Year Award. She sees the team growing even more next year with the help of Bartholomew being a phenomenal player and individual.

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