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GC distributes free condoms and sex education

GC Student Affairs is attempting to promote safe sexual education to students by providing access to free condoms on campus.

According to a American College Health Association survey conducted by GC in spring 2017, 47.2 percent of males and females reported not using a form of contraception the last time they had vaginal intercourse.

“We started this program in spring 2017 where every student at GC has an equal opportunity to the same number of condoms,” said Rachel Pope, prevention coordinator of Student Affairs. “We do not encourage but provide protective measurements in case the need arises.”

Students seeking condoms must go to the Den, located underneath Magnolia Ballroom, and present their Bobcat ID.

The students must initial that they received the contraceptives, and their names will be recorded to make sure no student receives more than 20 in a semester.

“I have given condoms to two students this semester,” said Caroline Jones, a Den student employee. “I think it’s great because it is more accessible for students.”

They have the choice between two types of Trojan condoms and also receive lubrication and a safe sex brochure. By giving students a choice, Pope said she hopes students will be able to make informed decisions about what works for them.

Many other students are happy with this program, but others are concerned about its implications around campus. “I think that by providing condoms to students, GC is putting off the message that sex outside of marriage is acceptable,” said sophomore Jessica Ugan, Wesley worship leader. “And I would even go as far as to say that they are encouraging it.”

While some are concerned about this conflicting with their religious beliefs, others are concerned for different reasons.

“While I think it’s a great start, the lack of inclusion or information about other contraceptives like vaginal condoms and dental dams is a concern to me,” said Emily Halpin, president of orGasmiC, a positive sex education group. “It completely misses couples who don’t have penises involved in their relationship.”

Despite concerns from some groups, many students said they are happy that GC is aware of sex on its campus and is taking steps to make it safer.

“I think the university being aware of sex on its campus is the first step in curbing STDs and teen pregnancy,” said sophomore Ciera Lindsey. “If you are adult enough to have sex, you’re also adult enough to be smart and safe about it, but also be aware of the consequences.”

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