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Midnight miracle

Georgia College Miracle recently had $100 Day, their first big fundraising push day. Participants were encouraged to raise $100 in 24 hours to help meet the group target of $42,000 in one day, a goal that was met with seconds to spare.

“It was seriously down to the last second,” said senior and Executive Director Ansley Jones. A $50 donation at 11:59 PM helped them break the 42k threshold.

Many fundraisers posted on social media, called family and friends and went around with jars asking for spare change and cash to get donations. Some participants were very creative in getting people to donate money. Some were on campus at the GC Miracle tent, getting egged and eating repulsive combinations of food for donations.

Others went door to door at the Grove offering to take out trash for donations from total strangers.

“It’s really asking everybody you’ve ever met in your whole entire life to donate at least a dollar,” said Jones.

Junior Mia Murphy raised the most money: $1,540 in 24 hours. Olivia Kingery and junior Emily Crowley were close behind, raising $1,232 and $1,045 respectively. Crowley, also the financial director, said, “I want to make their childhood happy, and I want to help make families get through it.”

There are countless reasons why people put so much time and effort into raising money For The Kids (FTK). Many people have experience with childhood illnesses and want to do everything in their power to fix that problem.

As PR Director and junior Katy Swendsen explained, “Because I’m alive and because I can, I should stand for the kids.”

“I think the cause it just so worth it, the kids are worth it,” added Jones. “When you do a hospital visit and meet one of the miracle kids, you realize that what you’re doing matters.”

FTK has become a huge movement, but it has a very personal feeling at Georgia College. The executive board makes an active effort to get to know as many participants as possible in order to make sure everybody is motivated to fundraise. This intimate mentality helped GC Miracle to win the Most Improved Dance Marathon award.

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