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Sorority LLC to begin at West Campus in fall 2018

GC University Housing is partnering with campus’s Panhellenic community to create a living-learning community (LLC) for second-year sorority women next fall, which will be located in Village buildings one, two and three.

University Housing conceived the LLC as a way to ll the Village apartments, some of which have been sitting empty in recent semesters. Dean of Students Andy Lewter approached Tiffany Bayne, director of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, (OFSL) in spring 2017 for help developing the program.

Composed of second-year women in GC’s seven Panhellenic sororities, the program’s curriculum is intended to promote leadership and empowerment and will be focused on inter- and intra- personal leadership development.

“The results of this program will be visible on campus with the way sophomore girls interact,” said Panhellenic president- elect Alyssa Gann. “And since it is a leadership program, you will most likely see more sorority women in leadership positions.”

The OFSL claims the LLC will provide educational benefits in self-government, community living, group discipline and opportunities for relationships with faculty and staff members.

Sorority women living in the apartments will be required to attend certain events for their curriculum. All sororities involved will be obligated to attend events with one another.

When new sorority members received their bids during this past recruitment period, they also signed a lease to live in the communities. Some sorority freshman said the proposed LLC was not thoroughly explained to them, and they felt tricked into signing the lease.

“They should have explained the LLC better before I signed,” said freshman Olivia Reardon, a member of Delta Zeta.

Sydney Ninneman, the LLC university liaison, said that OFSL was very forthcoming regarding the situation and held information sessions for sorority new members explaining the circumstances of signing their lease.

“Trust GC leadership and that what they are doing is what’s right,” said Matthew Terry, the assistant director of marketing and communications for University Housing. “Every last detail has been thought through very carefully, and everything has been communicated.”

Terry said by the time of move-in during July 2018, there will be some minor renovations and new additions to

the housing. He said it is a space students are going to love and want to live in.

“The new sorority LLC will not only help develop women leaders, but also help develop West Campus to its potential,” said current Panhellenic president Jordan Thomas. “The West Campus center will be completely remodeled to provide students with more study spaces, areas to hold events and a central location for chapter meetings to be held.”

Freshman Caroline Dillon, marketing major, said she thinks the LLC is a great opportunity for her pledge class and that she is excited to be a part of it next year.

“What really made me want to live there was that I would be surrounded by girls in my sorority all the time,” Dillon said. “I’ve heard so many times that ‘you get out of your sorority what you put in’ and other things similar to that, and what better way to invest in our sisterhood than living and growing together.”

Dillon said she thinks the LLC will offer sorority women at GC the opportunity to bond not only with their pledge class, but also with other sorority’s pledge classes since they will be living together in the same buildings.

“I think it will be a great atmosphere where people can support each other and show love no matter what sorority the are a part of,” Dillon said. “I also think the leadership aspect of the program is going to be great. I feel as though having a background in leadership programs really is going to help for my future and what I want to do after college, so having the leadership element is a great bonus to living at the LLC.”

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