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SGA discusses LLC and Milledgeville parking at town hall

SGA hosted a town hall event to discuss specific campus issues and give students the opportunity to ask questions and their voice opinions on Nov. 14.

“For years there has been a huge disconnect between students and SGA,” said SGA Treasurer Sarah Smith. “Events like this allow us to have a better understanding of what students specifically want us to speak on, and what we need to be doing to move these issues forward and resolve them. Any exposure to having a better understanding of student needs is awesome.”

The meeting started with each SGA executive members introducing themselves and discussing what their position entails and what projects they are currently working on.

Cabinet member Addy Maddox, director of fraternity and sorority affairs, discussed the new sorority Living Learning Community that will exist on West Campus in fall 2018. Maddox said SGA believes the community will help close the gender gap in campus leadership at GC by offering a leadership program for young sorority women.

Daniel Goorsky, cabinet member and Director of University Housing Affairs, discussed some possible changes being brought to GC residence halls.

Goorsky is aiming to place printers in all residence halls and install whiteboards in every residence hall study room. Also, rooms that are designated computer rooms in each hall would be renovated into additional study rooms.

Goorsky is also working with the Office of Sustainability to put recycling bins in all residence hall community rooms. Finally, he is negotiating with MTV University Channel to fund the installation of a television in the lobby of each resident hall.

After each SGA member briefed the audience on their activities, they opened the floor for a Q&A with the audience.

The first question asked regarded the possible implementation of paid parking downtown. President Mike Muller responded to the question by saying that although SGA does not have an official stance on the parking situation, he personally believes it is detrimental to the city of Milledgeville and the student body.

“Students deserve parking that is close and accessible,” Muller said. “This plan will negatively affect businesses downtown because people will not pay a parking fee in addition to whatever money they spend shopping.”

He also declared that the city should be very clear what they plan to do with the revenue that would come from the parking meters.

Sophomore attendee Maggie Waldmann said she was pleased with the discussion on the parking situation.

“I was happy to see that I wasn't the only one concerned about this issue,” Waldmann said. “I am happy, as students, that we are voicing our opinions.”

The dialogue between the town hall attendees and the SGA executive board informed the student body of the board’s positions on some of the most prevalent issues at GC today.

“I absolutely love my executive board for that reason,” Smith said. “We are all driven to make this campus the best it can possibly be and with that shared passion we are able to work together to actually accomplish things. I am very excited to see what change we can make within our year in office.”

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