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Search for new Arts and Sciences dean wraps up

After around 40 years of working in higher education, Dean Kenneth Proctor of the College of Arts and Sciences announced his retirement in spring. Since then, Georgia College formed a search committee and found four finalists for the new dean position.

“We’re looking for primarily someone that can be a champion for liberal arts because that’s a big part of the Arts and Sciences College,” said Dean Joe Peters of the College of Education and chair of the search committee. “They’re a big part of Georgia College as a whole, and we really want to be able to put our strategic plan into action, primarily through the College of Arts and Sciences.”

The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest college within the university and plays an essential role in a liberal arts education. According to Dean Peters, most students will take courses within the college, even if their majors are in other colleges, especially since core classes are generally within Arts and Sciences. This College is key

to the institution, Dean Peters explained, which is why the search is so extensive and important.

The process started in April with the search committee’s formation. The school then found a search firm to find potential candidates. Thirty people applied for the position and eight were chosen as semifinalists.

On Nov. 16, the semifinalists ew to Atlanta for airport interviews. The interviews lasted for two days and consisted of meeting with the search committee and then meeting individually with Provost Kelli Brown.

After the airport interviews, the committee narrowed the candidates down to four finalists. The final step is bringing the finalists for on-campus interviews. Beginning the week of Nov. 27, the finalists began coming down to Georgia College to tour the campus and go through another round of intensive, more in-depth interviews.

The goal of the on-campus interviews is to get to better know the candidate’s personalities and to see if they fit well with the university.

“We’ve already seen their resumes, and they’ve already received their letters, so I think this is giving us a better chance of seeing how they t into the culture of Georgia College, how they t into the liberal arts mission,” Brown said.

On their visits, the candidates tour the campus and meet with various faculty, the president, the search committee, the chief diversity officer and students.

Sarah Weese, ex-officio of the search committee, believes that the candidates meeting with so many different people helps the committee better determine if they could perform well as the new dean.

“I think inviting these people to campus and getting a feel for who they are and what they stand for, not just what they’ve written on a page, is [good] to see where they stand and get a feel for their personality,” Weese said.

Students can attend sessions to ask questions to the candidates. They can also post their feedback on each candidate online, which the committee will take into consideration when making the final decision.

The last finalist will tour GC the week of Dec. 11. Provost Brown hopes to make the decision before the end of the semester. However, with graduation, finals and potential negations once the offer is made, the decision could be later.

Provost Brown said if the decision is not made before the end of the semester, it will be made by the time students return to GC in January.

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