• Caroline Snider | Staff Writer

GC SGA preps new 2018 communication strategies

GC Student Government Association (SGA) President Mike Muller said that his main priority this semester is external communication between SGA and GC’s faculty, staff and student body because SGA cares about hearing students’ voices.

Muller said part of that goal is to reach out to the presidents of other student organizations on campus to provide updates and information on what is going on in SGA. As a part of that effort, Muller and his cabinet are currently working with GC360, GC’s student television news station, to begin a live stream of the SGA’s weekly senate meetings.

By the end of the year, SGA also wants to create a 24-hour study space for students. Muller is planning to meet with President Dorman to discuss ideas and strategies.

“Our faculty and staff love to work with students,” Muller said. “They are all about improving students’ lives, and that is our ultimate goal.”

Muller said he encourages students to reach out to SGA and invites them to visit during his office hours to chat, ask any questions or voice any concerns.

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