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Unsung Heroes: Sylvia Hanson

Editor’s Note: This is the first installment in a series of profiles on GC staff members whose contributions are not often recognized.

“The students at this school really make my day,” said GC custodian Sylvia Hanson. “They are all always so sweet to me, which is why I always try to be a blessing to them.”

Hanson has worked for two years as one of GC’s 51 custodians. She started cleaning at the freshman dorm Parkhurst Hall, where she said she has nothing but good memories.

“I would always try to pep the students up there because I could tell it was some of their first times really being away from home, and they were scared,” she said. “I would be upstairs cleaning before they would leave for class in the morning, so I would always talk to them and tell them good morning. They are always so sweet.”

Prior to working at GC, Hanson worked at Cuscowilla, a golf resort on Lake Oconee, cleaning the public areas there for almost 10 years. When she felt it was time to move on, her son Matthew, who attended GC, informed her of a job opportunity on campus because he thought she would really enjoy working around the students.

Hanson has three sons with her husband Lamar, to whom she has now been married for 41 years. Growing up, the two were next-door neighbors, and their mothers were best friends.

“He’s a little older than I am, so I would see him as a teenager, and I thought he was real cute,” Hanson said. “His mama invited my family over for supper one night, and that was our first date.”

In her free time, Hanson enjoys doing yard work and being in nature. She is also a member of Grace Baptist church in Eatonton and regularly participates in fellowship activities there.

Hanson’s typical work day begins at 6 a.m. when she clocks in at Foundation Hall before beginning her cleaning routine at Mayfair Hall and the McIntosh House.

The students who work in Mayfair Hall are always happy to see Hanson’s big smile walking through the door.

“I love her,” said sophomore LeAnn Whitley, a political science major. “She is an angel in human form, and we are really blessed to have her.”

Hanson said she considers herself lucky to get to work with such sweet students, but the students that see her everyday are quick to say that they are equally inspired by her.

“She is so friendly and upbeat,” said graduate student Danielle Williams, an accounting major who also works in Mayfair Hall. “You could ask anyone in this office and they would all say the same thing. It never seems like there is anything wrong with her, and she always puts me in a good mood.”

Hanson said her advice for GC students is to do their best in every area of their lives.

“Just keep working hard at everything you do and following the Lord Jesus Christ,” she said, “and He will always help you through anything you’re going through.”

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