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“Super Smash Bros.” unites GC’s competitive gamers

While most people know “Super Smash Bros.” as a bizarre video game, to a select group of students at GC, it is an extremely competitive activity that demands rigorous practice, diligence and a great deal of skill.

The most competitive players are members of GC Smash Club, a group of players who meet every Monday night in the basement of Parkhurst to hold competitive tournaments. Among its members are students who compete in local tournaments. Some members are considered to be ranked amongst the best players in Georgia.

William Dentjen has been playing competitive “Super Smash Bros.” for almost four years. His goal is to become one of Georgia’s top 10 players, and he competes in various tournaments in Milledgeville, Athens and Atlanta.

“The scene here [at GC] is exceptional,” Dentjen said.

He encourages more people to get involved on campus if they are looking for a competitive activity that introduces them to other players.

In a competitive scene, players constantly try to improve their individual skills, but students also use the game to connect with peers.

Harris Collier and Jack Valladares, two roommates living in Bell Hall, decided to turn their room into a social area for everyone living in their hall. After moving both their beds into their suitemates’ room, they set up a TV, couch and chairs to create a room entirely dedicated to playing “Super Smash Bros.” They call the room “Smashville.”

Collier is the more competitive player out of the two roommates, having competed in more tournaments across the state and possessing more technical skill. Before he came to college, Collier did not have as many people to compete with, so he would mostly polish his skills alone. However, now that he lives in “Smashville,” he has more opportunities to share the game he loves.

“Having a bunch of people you can work, play and improve with is one of the greatest feelings [you can have],” Collier said.

Valladares’ role is to expand “Smashville.” His personal skills work to bring people together and create a community in Bell Hall.

Valladares is also credited with conceiving the idea of “Smashville.” He wanted a space for people on his floor to have a social area where they could meet new people and play a game.

“We have people who wouldn’t associate with each other normally all hanging out in one spot,” Valladares said.

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