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Campaigning for the crown

The race to victory of becoming GC’s next Homecoming queen, king, duke or duchess can be a highlight for many fraternities, sororities and other organizations.

Students who pass by the fountain may receive flyers, fresh baked cookies or stickers in return for their vote for Homecoming representative.

This year, 30 students are running to receive a crown at the Homecoming basketball game. The strategies and planning stages of getting the perfect candidate begin early so organizations have enough time to order all the supplies.

“We’ve been preparing since the end of November, so over Christmas break was a huge part of the planning,” said senior Avery Mixon, public relations manager of Kappa Delta and a mass communications major.

Others, like Alpha Tau Omega, have only been planning for a few weeks.

“We’ve only spent a couple weeks planning to make sure we have enough time to get pictures for social media posts and campaigning,” said freshman Will Steinman, Homecoming candidate and undecided business major.

Every year, the Panhellenic Council votes on whether sororities can hand out gifts to other students, such as shirts, large buttons and cups. This year, Panhellenic voted on a rule barring sororities from handing out these items, known as frills, to passing students and can only do so in their organization.

In past years, some sororities would give out these frills to give their candidates a better chance at winning, but for the past two years, there has been more of a focus on the aspect of sisterhood.

“We would rather spend our chapter dues on chapter-related events rather than campus promotional events,” said junior Paige Overmyer, VP of finance for Delta Gamma and a sociology and criminal justice major.

With the new rule, campaigners have focused more on word of mouth, yard signs, flyers and chalking. This year, however, a few sororities including Delta Sigma Theta wanted to boost their presence with different items at tables and strategies like going to different small groups around campus.

“I ordered pencils with a campaign message, which really gets my name out there in a different creative type of fashion,” said senior Jessica Chapman, Homecoming candidate and middle grades education major.

Everyone has different tactics, such as going to different sororities and fraternities to campaign, hanging up posters, tabling at the fountain or visiting different small groups to campaign. For Alpha Tau Omega, a huge focus will be word of mouth and social media.

“We will be going to sororities to advertise our campaign, and I was told to be loud and outgoing for what we stand for,” Steinman said.

No matter the outcome, everyone receives a wide array of support from students. This is a perfect time to boost morale and to get others pumped for the basketball game and tent city with friends and alumni.

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