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College cooking hacks

The struggle is real. Finding the time and money to cook a decent meal in college isn’t easy.

While cooking may not be the college student’s forte, a few students here at GC have some tips and tricks that will save time and money. They require minimal skill and hardly any preparation: a college student’s dream.

The classic bowl of ramen is every student’s go-to. Austin Cushing, a junior biology major, said he loves to add some zeal to his ramen noodles after a long day in Herty Hall.

After he adds the noodles to boiling water, Cushing’s trick is that he adds a few eggs to the mix, which instantly cook.

The result? Egg drop ramen soup.

“I have a busy schedule and it’s super easy to make in like 10 minutes,” Cushing said.

Jay McKown, a junior marketing major, said he loves his macronutrients.

McKown’s everyday recipe is of an at-home version of the classic bacon, egg and cheese.

With this minimal-effort delicious recipe, any student will be out the door with time to spare. All there is to do is scramble up two eggs and cook up a few strips of turkey bacon. Instead of regular bacon, McKown uses turkey bacon as a tasty, healthy alternative. Put the protein on the bagel, sprinkle some cheese on top and let it melt between the delicious bagel halves.

“Here at the house, we like to specialize in the basics,” McKown said.

Olivia Granger, a senior pre-nursing major, said her favorite meal to make is spaghetti squash. Not only is spaghetti squash inexpensive, but it is simple too.

Granger said she loves making spaghetti squash because it’s a great pescatarian option.

“It is super easy to make, and you can pretty much add whatever vegetables or sauce you want to it,” she said.

Apart from fast, simple recipes, there are also a few tips for keeping food fresh and delicious.

Chemistry majors: listen up. If you are making an atomic nucleus out of various fruits for a project, but do not want your bananas and apples turning a weird brown color, just go ahead and brush on something containing citric acid to pre-occupy the oxygen in the air, and prevent your delicious electron apple slices from turning a different color.

The night before when you are chopping away, just brush on some orange, lime or grapefruit juice and refrigerate.

Or if you do not have a kitchen brush, cut a piece of parchment paper into a strip, and then cut and fray the end of one side, creating a makeshift, MacGyver-worthy kitchen brush for any emergency cooking need you might have as a college student and budding masterchef.

If you do not know much about cooking, be sure to look at the infographic for more specific information about how to make certain recipes featured in this article, as well as spaghetti squash.

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