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SABC spends nearly $90K on GC Homecoming

GC’s Student Activity Budget Committee (SABC) allocates a certain amount of funds each year for Homecoming, a week-long event that celebrates student pride with fun-filled activities such as laser tag and bumper cars.

Homecoming culminates in an exciting weekend with a concert, basketball game and the announcement of GC’s Homecoming duke, duchess, king and queen.

This year’s “Retro Reboot” Homecoming budget of $87,362 was divided into two main categories, with $74,712 being directed towards the Homecoming Concert and the remaining $12,650 distributed among the other Homecoming Week events.

The use of the budget each year varies heavily based on student input.

“The Homecoming committee is largely responsible for ensuring, logistically, that resources and personnel for the different events and activities during Homecoming Week are connected,” said Jonathan Meyer, director of Student Involvement & Business Operations. “There are a number of subcommittees that are mostly comprised of students that greatly assist in the planning and preparation work.”

Of the Homecoming Concert portion of the budget, $50,000 was spent booking high-profile performances by T-Pain, B.o.B. and Ben Provencial, as well as the concert’s DJ, Darius Riggins, the last two of whom are GC alumni.

The remaining $24,712 went towards services like security, sound, lighting, transportation and lodging.

The concert subcommittee undergoes an extensive process in order to select performers, so much so that they begin meeting in September of the year before.

The subcommittee works in conjunction with a third-party booking agency that provides pricing and availability of a long list of performers. They then compare those available to perform in February with GC’s budget and enter into negotiation with the performers’ contracts.

“Some artists, at times, have provided very specific requests,” Meyer said. “Last year, Hoodie Allen wanted two frosted birthday cakes and a bottle of toothpaste. This year, T-Pain has requested a hotel room that must have Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim on the TV.”

The Homecoming Week events other than the concert make up the remaining $12,650 of the school’s budget and have been allotted for uses such as Tent City, the Homecoming Parade and marketing.

“The school did a really great job maximizing its budget because I would expect the performers to cost much more,” said freshman Cassie Gray, a special education major. “I’m really excited for T-Pain, and I know I’ll definitely be

appreciating all of the school’s efforts at my first Homecoming when I’m enjoying the concert front row.”

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