• Elyssa Gerber | Staff Writer

Women’s basketball look to avenge last-second loss

Nothing gets a player more motivated than hearing cheers from a roaring crowd. There has been major excitement for Homecoming weekend this year, and GC women’s basketball team has been warming up to play against North Georgia on Saturday, Feb. 17.

The Bobcats have a current record of 11-5. They are currently tied for third in the conference, and they will be playing against the No. 1 team.

The last time these teams faced off, North Georgia was victorious with a buzzer-beater shot. It was a tough loss, but the Bobcats are fired up to take on this team again.

The atmosphere that comes along with Homecoming weekend is just what the team need for motivation

“When the crowd is excited and loud, the players feed off of that energy,” said head coach Mo Smith. “It’s almost like having a sixth person on the court helping us out.”

For the first time ever, the GC women’s and men’s basketball teams will be a part of the Homecoming parade through Tent City. There will be other student athletes involved in the parade as well. With crowd spirit playing such a crucial role on the team, this is an exceptional way to get the students hyped up for what is sure to be an exciting game.

“Having a crowd truly helps with the entire energy of the game and gives us a boost,” said junior Erin Drynan. “When we go to an opposing team, and they have a big crowd, it is intimidating, which is why having a crowd when we are at home is so important.”

The women’s basketball team will be playing at 3:30 p.m. followed by the men’s team at 5:30 p.m. Both teams are ready to take on North Georgia with the support of the students cheering them on.



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