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Amelia Lord wins SGA president, Matt Krack wins VP

Amelia Lord defeated incumbent President Mike Muller in the race for 2018-2019 SGA president on Feb. 16.

Both students heavily campaigned for the position, tabling outside of A&S and participating in two debates, one of which GC360 hosted live. The final tally showed triumphant Lord at 1714 and Muller with 1105.

President-elect Lord laid out her plan for her first days in office.

“First things first, I’m going to start helping out Kendyl Lewis with Swipe Out Hunger to make sure that we can implement that as soon as possible by the beginning of next year,” Lord said. “That is the initiative that takes unused Max swipes and donates them to financially disadvantaged students.”

Lord said she is also going to focus appointing chief of staff, justices and an attorney general and getting that all in line so SGA can have a cohesive executive board as soon as possible and form a strategic plan.

“This was a huge win, and I’ve been a huge supporter of Amelia throughout her entire campaign,” said sophomore Cam Watts, an economics major and Lord’s campaign manager. “While I respect Mike Muller and the administration that he’s run in the past year, and taking a part in that as a senator, I really respect Amelia’s vision as she progresses into the role, and I think that she’s going to be very much student-focused and really start advocating for what students are looking to see changed on campus.”

Other SGA races also came to a close on Friday. Matt Krackenberger beat Mary Catherine Rogers in a 1526 to 1217 race for vice president.

For secretary, Avery Perkins came out just 28 votes ahead of Logan Blackwell, with 1251 and 1223 respectively. Sarah Smith gained the position of treasurer in an unopposed race.

Both Lord and Muller said they will remain friends, and Muller said he will always be available to help Lord and anyone else who might need it.

“Yeah, I think bittersweet is a good word for it,” Muller said. “It’s going to be nice next year to have a bit of an easier year, focus on my grades and academics, College Republicans, stuff like that, but I’ll miss the position, and the decisions I get to make and the people I get to work with.”

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