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Bobcats in love

It’s the week after Valentine’s Day, and you know what that means: all Valentine’s Day candy is on sale, and it is time to stock up.

Valentine’s Day has always been the holiday known for celebrating romantic love.

In elementary school, you probably made cards and put them in your crush’s cardboard box. Maybe you passed out candy with the letters “xo” and “hugs” on them. And later, you eventually went on dates with a special someone.

This year, GC students celebrated not only with their significant others, but with their closest friends too, showing that Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate all kinds of love.

For senior Riley Space, a management major, this Valentine’s Day was spent with his girlfriend of nine months.

“We gave each other gifts, and it was really sweet,” Space said. “Then I took her out to dinner, and after we watched the Olympics.”

Sophomore Nikki Filto, a Nursing major, said this Valentine’s Day was much more fun than last year’s, now that she is in a relationship.

“My boyfriend and I went out to eat, and then went to hang out with some friends,” Filto said. “It was so fun and special.”

In recent years, people have become more creative with their Valentine’s Day plans. It does not always have to involve a candlelight dinner or bringing your date a bouquet of roses.

Galentine’s Day has become a phenomenon for girls to celebrate girls. Girls bring food, treats and other typical Valentine’s Day things to spend time together.

Junior Liz Ann Barnett, a marketing major, hosted a Galentine’s Day party at her house and celebrated with her girlfriends.

“I decorated my house and made chocolate covered strawberries,” Barnett said. “Then everyone came over, and we had a potluck with desserts, and we played fun card games and then watched a movie.”

For college students, Valentine’s Day can also be a little different. Just because it is a holiday doesn’t mean that school work will be put on hold. Students have found other ways to celebrate and still maintain their responsibilities with their studies.

Senior Emily Scholttman, a biology major, spent her Valentine’s Day putting herself first.

“I went to the gym because you can’t love anyone before you love yourself,” Scholttman said. “Then I went home to study medical microbiology.”

Getting a little creative for his Valentine’s Day date, senior Garrett Jones, a marketing major, said, “My girlfriend and I both had tests on Valentine’s Day, so I picked up some sushi, and we had our own little date in the library. The next day I made her a fancy dinner with lobster mac and cheese. We celebrated Valentine’s Day a day late.”

Each person has a different way of celebrating this special day. Whether you spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other or with your friends, this day is a perfect opportunity to remind people that you love and care about them.

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