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Homecoming 2018: blast from the past

Ben Provencial, B.o.B. and T-Pain lit up the Centennial Center Friday night to kick off GC’s annual Homecoming celebration.

GC announced on Monday, Feb. 12 that tickets to the 2018 Homecoming Concert were officially sold out. With performances from T-Pain, B.o.B, and Ben Provencial, the concert proved to be a fitting start to a “Retro Reboot” themed weekend.

Ben Provencial took the stage first. A young GC alum, Provencial’s folk singer-songwriter style provided a healthy contrast to the two rappers billed for the rest of the evening.

Atlanta-based B.o.B. was a high-energy performer who didn’t shy away from throwing himself into the crowd. B.o.B even visited both sides of the bleachers over the course of his set.

“Nothin’ on You,” “Magic” and “Both of Us” were three of his most recognized songs. Prior to closing his show, B.o.B asked the crowd if he had forgotten something. The audience cheered in agreement, and B.o.B. followed with a final performance of arguably his biggest hit, “Airplanes.”

While B.o.B. kept the pace going with his crowd interaction, T-Pain took longer between his songs, resulting in some of the audience leaving prematurely.

The crowd also had to wait for over 30 minutes for T-Pain to take the stage. A DJ played between sets, but students like junior Luke Bright, a marketing major, still noticed the gap.

“The transition from B.o.B to T-Pain was a long time,” Bright said. “But once he came, it was good because everybody knows the throwbacks.”

One such throwback was the 2007 hit “Buy U a Drank,” which was popular when most GC students were in middle school. However, songs from T-Pain’s new 2017 album “Oblivion” were not widely recognized.

Chants from the crowd requesting “Best Love Song” grew louder as the concert was winding down. However, these wishes were never granted as T-Pain closed out his set with “All the Above.”

Hard to miss in the front row was senior Derrick Nelson, a marketing major. A T-Pain fan since 2005, Nelson’s energy was contagious as he sang along to even the lesser-known T-Pain songs.

“He performed every lyric, and he’s an excellent entertainer,” Nelson said. “Even if you don’t know all the lyrics, you can still be a part of it.”

Young alumni like Anika Patel, a 2017 graduate, also enjoyed the concert. For her, the music and concert experience served as a bigger reminder of what it means to be a part of the GC family.

“As a recent alum, it was nice to have an excuse to come back and see all of my friends in one place while we enjoyed the music we grew up with,” Patel said. “The remembrance of those childhood memories only made my feelings for GC grow stronger. It re-emphasized to me how much I grew and the wonderful memories I made while I was here. Milledgeville was only my home for four years, but the impact will last much longer.”

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