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A letter to the editor: enjoy the milkshake

Sometimes my friends and I take ourselves too seriously. We’re those students at GC who idolize the 4.0 GPA. We spend hours hunting down internships. We network as though it’s the lifeline upon which our futures dangle.

Recently, I started to wonder: what if while we’re building our resumes, we’re bypassing the good stuff?

I’m a scheduler. Each activity fits into a box on my Google calendar, but my impromptu trips to the Greenway can’t be predicted. Moments for fun come, and I have a choice: partake or don’t.

No, laying on a blanket at the Greenway isn’t experience for resumes. No, eating a four-flavored Cookout milkshake isn’t a skill. But we need to remember to enjoy the uncalculated moments.

People weren’t created solely for work. While having fun isn’t required for survival, it creates a purpose for surviving.

So, remember to pet the dog on front campus and spend coveted time at Blackbird with friends.

We experience youth once. Our resumes will be there after we drink our milkshakes.


Carson Gregors

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