• Compiled by Amy Strang and Wilson Roberts

Bobcats Speak Out: female icon

Who is your favorite female icon?

“Demi Lovato, because she really sticks to who she is, and she has been through so many situations in her life. She’s never let it take her down or defeat her, and she sings awesome.”

- Brooke Bethea, sophomore and nursing major

“Michelle Obama is one of my favorite female role models other than my mom. I was really impressed with how empathetic she could be. She motivated and started initiatives to exercise and eat healthy. She had no obligation to fight that fight, yet . . . she felt it was the right thing to do.”

- Cole McAdam, senior and computer science major

“I would choose Taylor Swift because I feel like she shook off all of the haters, and she’s just gone and done what she’s wanted to do in life. [She] doesn’t care about what other people think, and she’s just doing what she wants to do. That’s what a woman should do: not think about what others think and go through life and do what makes you happy.”

- Eve Gallo, freshman and biology major

“My female icon is Mila Kunis. I really like her because of how she carries herself. Both on and off the screen, she is very confident in herself, and I really like that about her.”

- Doug Keim, sophomore and mass

communication major

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