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Prestwood stays at home, starts for the Bobcats

From the courts of John Milledge to the GC stadium, the sport of basketball has always been Andrew Prestwood’s passion.

Prestwood is one of 14 children and has lived in Milledgeville all of his life.

“I have always been so family oriented that I knew I did not want to leave Milledgeville,” Prestwood said. “I even told my parents that if I didn’t get to play at GC, I did not want to play anywhere.”

During his career at John Milledge, Prestwood scored over 2,000 points. His family came to every game, continuing this tradition at GC.

“I have a little fan section of friends that I played with in high school, and I get a lot of support from them,” Prestwood said.

The support, however, can be a little nerve racking according to Prestwood.

“Every home game, there [are] at least 40 people that I know personally,” Prestwood said. “So, if you check stats, I’m usually a better road player than home.”

Men’s basketball head coach Mark Gainous started watching Prestwood play during his sophomore year of high school. Ganous said that he has seen Prestwood grow as a player during his first season of college ball.

“I think there is an adjust period, but he has played pretty well this year, and I have been very pleased with his work,” Ganous said.

Prestwood also explained the difference between playing for a GISA high school team and a Division 2 college team.

“Everyone is bigger than me,” Prestwood said. “I think I am the smallest guard weight- and height-wise. It’s a different pace, too, and everyone is really good.”

Former GC point guard Dwight Anderson worked one-on-one with Prestwood over the course of the season.

“I am able to give back the insight of the game that I [have], so it is that much easier for Prestwood,” Anderson said.

“He came in as a freshman, and playing at the college level is definitely a whole different experience.”

Assistant coach Ryan Aquino said that Prestwood was originally going to redshirt this season.

“We had an injury to our starting point guard, and we didn’t know how long he would be out for,” Aquino said. “So coach Ganous and I met and said we needed to bring him out of his red shirt and play him this year. He has responded really well.”

Aquino also touched on how Prestwood adapted to taking on a new position.

“He is a really good shooter, and we were not sure how we would respond to being a point guard because he is more of an off-the-ball position, but he has responded well to what the team needed,” Aquino said.

Responsibility has been Prestwood’s biggest challenge since starting his career at GC, especially living on his own in his hometown. But he feels more than thankful to have the opportunity to do what he loves and plans to continue playing next season.

“I am just doing what I was fortunate enough to do,” Prestwood said.

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