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Real movement, real friends

The Real Movement (TRM) started at Georgia State University and expanded to other colleges in Georgia, aiming to bring students together in a comfortable environment to meet new people and make long lasting friendships.

“The goal of the movement is to create an inquisitive environment for secure vulnerability,” said Olivia Kolkana, leader of TRM at GC. “It is for people to feel safe and loved on. No matter what people are going through, their background or where they’re from, people feel comfortable here and meet new people.”

The Real Movement helps students build deeper friendships. If any student is going through a rough patch, or if someone just wants to meet new people, the movement is the perfect space for them. Any student can join the movement; TRM welcomes everyone.

“I love how it creates a unique space that isn’t made by any other organization,” said sophomore Sara Turner. “We created this to tell people they are loved regardless of who they are.”

TRM’s events take place on Tuesday nights at 7:30. The event includes free food, music and games. For the first half of the event, people mingle, talk and meet new people. During the second half of the event, TRM breaks people into groups to get to know each other.

The goal is to have a different series for each week. For example, last week, on Tuesday, Feb. 27, the night was about the show “Friends.” By going every week, students see the same people and get to know them better.

The leaders of the Real Movement at their last gathering.

The movement believes in being loving towards everyone and in everyone being able to voice their opinions. It is a great way to meet people and become involved in a organization. It is a place for people to feel comfortable and to be yourself.

“I think it’s an awesome place that you don’t get at most college campuses,” said TRM representative Jack Coning. “It’s really unique because there is no other place like it on campus.”

The movement started five years ago by two students from Georgia State University and University of Georgia. As it slowly gained popularity, students talked to people from other campuses to spread the movement. Now, the movement is in all Atlanta campuses and continuing to spread.

The leader of GC’s TRM, Kolkana, reached out to the founders of the movement, asking if they would want to start a branch at her campus. At the time, she had no intention of becoming the leader of the movement at GC.

However, now she loves running the movement with the help of other representatives. They work together to make the movement successful, saying that they all are extremely excited to see the movement grow.

“I think it’s unique because it’s all inclusive,” Kolkana said. “We aren’t trying to gear it to one group of students. It’s for everyone and anyone.”

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