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Thrifting for spring trends

As February drew to a close, Milledgeville temperatures began to rise. While some students are still mourning the loss of scarves and sweaters, there is no denying that spring style is on the way.

GC style is all about the individual. Long gone are the days when outfits were judged based on the price, brand or conforming with the “cool” crowd. This spring, students are looking to their favorite thrift shops to find as many high waisted skirts and pastel tops as their budgets will allow.

There are certain college campuses, like The University of the South in Sewanee, TN, where dressing up for class is the culture and even policy. GC, however, is not one of these campuses. This means that students who dare to don something other than a t-shirt and shorts are easy to spot and often faced with the question, “Why are you so dressed up?”

Junior Sami Montigny, a studio art major, is one such student. She says that spring is her favorite season, loving nothing more than the vibrant colors and fun skirts permitted by warmer weather. An avid thrift store shopper, Montigny reports that under eight dollars is her prime price range for clothes that express her style without breaking the bank.

“I recognize that I, quote-unquote, dress up more than others, just because I’m trying to utilize the clothes that I own,” Montigny said. “Whereas a lot of people are, you know, shorts and t-shirts, and that’s okay, you’re allowed to do that. But why wouldn’t you just wear something fun?”

Junior Erin Olivia Dickman, a liberal studies major, looks towards business casual streetwear for her inspiration.

Sneakers, high-waisted jeans, tucked-in shirts and a trench coat are a few of the keys to her wardrobe success. Her look revolves around these staple pieces, but with the arrival of spring, she plans to incorporate more pastel crop tops.

“When I am looking to actually purchase clothes rather than rotate what I actually own, I am looking for new sneakers, high-waisted plaid pants, short skirts and striped tops,” Dickman said. “I have also played around with the idea of the relaxed, preppy-look button-downs and collared shirts but in a less stiff manner.”

Much like Montigny, she is also a firm believer in the thrift store.

“When I am thrifting, I find that I am more likely to buy something for how it looks on me rather than the brand,” Dickman said. “I will also be willing to try more eccentric pieces on without the motivation from in-store marketing that you face in any other private company.”

Students like junior Mariah Wall, a psychology major, are skilled in striking a balance between the prevalent comfort style of GC with her own personal touch.

My closet is really like a magnet, there are two polar opposite styles that dictate my wardrobe choices,” Wall said. “On one hand, I enjoy showcasing my femininity with skirts and sundresses...As far as the other end of my style is concerned, I love going for comfort.”

Wall’s favorites are floral patterns, the color yellow and denim skirts. If she’s shopping in downtown Milledgeville, she always ends up at French Vill’Edge. If she’s looking for the comfort of an oversized sweater, she heads straight to Goodwill. Doing what she does best, Mariah hopes to combine both sides of her style this spring.

“I think my favorite spring outfit is going to be a denim skirt with my favorite yellow sweater tucked in,” Wall said. “And of course, some comfortable booties to complete the look.”

It’s no coincidence that all three of these stylish GC women rock glasses almost every day.

Contacts are all about conforming. Glasses make a statement. The consensus is clear: glasses are both practical and trendy!

The glasses trend defies gender. Junior Matthew Sampson, a French major, describes his style as versatile, ranging from urban street style to basic frat boy. His clothes may change, but his glasses are always a signature part of his look: “They can be used to express yourself, to show off your style, and even add to it.”

If you’re looking for new looks to rock this spring, don’t be intimidated by the t-shirt and shorts majority. Just head to your closest thrift store, dust off your glasses and practice your answer to the question: “Why are you so dressed up?”

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