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You were made for this

The Rekindle Women’s Gathering consisted of nearly 500 donuts from Ryals’ Bakery, a day-long front campus picnic and a whole lot of encouragement.

Dreamt up by GC’s Wesley Foundation and their Women’s Ministry Team, the two-day event had one goal in mind: to bring the women of GC together in pursuing their passions.

After a night of music and fellowship on Friday, March 2, the Rekindle event was held all day Saturday, March 3. The event featured three breakout session choices, a panel on branding yourself on social media and a PB&J picnic.

The breakouts included three how-to sessions: how to watercolor, how to bake and how to put on makeup while not spending too much. The breakouts allowed attendees to learn from student “experts” and then do a little practice of their own, intending to show attendants that passions and talents can arise in a variety of ways.

“It’s about creating a community of people who know their worth and are creative in their passions and talents,” said GMC student Tori Easter.

Junior nursing major Kate Hensley called the event a “dream session” to boldly state your seemingly unreachable dreams and be held accountable in chasing them.

As women arrived Saturday morning wearing their “You Were Made For This” event t-shirts, they were met with hot coffee and donuts. They selected name tags with encouraging words on them, each choosing one that they thought defined them. Some options were “light-filled,” “creative” and “positive.” This start to the day was only a taste of what was to come.

Sophomore Olivia Johnston, a business major, said the purpose behind the event was to encourage one another in their unique talents and gifts.

“I think the heart of Rekindle is just to encourage and champion each other to be the best we can be,” Johnston said.

Those who led the event collaborated with their unique talents to create something for all women to enjoy and be a part of. Some sang, some performed spoken word, some welcomed and some led breakouts. It was a way for all who were involved to encourage others in their individuality and their uniqueness.

Just as the event began on Friday night with music, it ended on Saturday on a similar note: with a dance party. Rekindle was designed to be a fun festivity, celebrating dreams and passions and bringing the women of GC together.

Some students even visited from other universities, such as KSU student Ellie Harrison: “[Rekindle] connects girls and inspires us to use our gifts in things that we love and shows us that our dreams are important.”

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