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Youth keeping GC men’s basketball hopeful for future

GC men’s basketball did not make the Peach Belt Conference Tournament this season, but the team and coaches learned what improvements need to be made as a team and as individuals.

The Bobcats ended their season with a final record of 11-17.

“We were a young team with a lot of players getting used to the freedom, adjustment and coaches in a college sport environment,” said assistant coach Dwight Anderson. “I believe it was truly a learning experience this season, and they will all improve going into next year.”

The team knew it was going to need to work hard after losing their point guard Desmond Mitchell-LaFlam.

“Dez broke his ankle at the fourth game this season,” said head coach Mark Gainous. “I think the team did a pretty good job without having a primary point guard and a team leader for 24 games.”

The team is mostly composed of freshmen and sophomores. The team is expected to have better chemistry together after developing more through the spring, summer and fall.

“The season did not go as we wanted, but we had a fun experience with winning streaks and losing streaks,” said freshman Jordan Thomas. “Next season, I think we will improve our chemistry and know more about what we do well and what we don’t do so well.”

The team has grown together and will continue to do so, which will be one the biggest contributing factors on the developing team.

“After having this prior experience in the Peach Belt, I think the majority of our guys returning will show a lot of improvement from that alone,” Gainous said. “Our top five three-point shooters were all freshmen, so the skill set is there. We will change up our style of play a little bit and play faster next year, but it’s that experience that will really make a difference.”

Gainous has made an impact on the new players and helped them adjust to being college athletes. The players have learned to listen to Gainous, both on and off the court.

“He is definitely very hard on us, but we all know that he really cares,” Thomas said. “We trust that he will always

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