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A letter to the editor: Response to ‘Sassy Cats’ article

Dear Editor:

I am writing to you in reference to the article titled, “Sassy Cats take 2nd at PBC without adviser,” written by Lindsay Stevens. As the former Sassy Cats Advisor, I have volunteered my time for over 15 years, and wish only the best for this organization. Since your article never mentioned anything about my tenure as the Sassy Cats’ Advisor/Coach, I can only assume that Lindsay wasn’t aware that even after retiring from Georgia College five years ago, I had continued to volunteer my time for these ladies. The most disappointing thing with this article is that it chose not to focus on the Sassy Cats amazing season, but created a sensationalized “scandal” which overshadowed their actual accomplishments. While I can’t change the past, I would like to address several inaccuracies that were in this article:

It stated I quit, “the Thursday before the competition” which would have been Feb. 22nd;” however, I resigned two Thursdays before the Peach Belt Conference on Feb. 15th.

It claims I left the team, “without uniforms and without knowledge of how to handle administrative tasks,” which is completely inaccurate. Prior to my resignation, I had submitted all paperwork for Peach Belt (Jan. 29th), instructed the captain about remaining tasks (like purchasing music), ordered and delivered their new uniforms, reserved a meal and transportation, and arranged for the Sassy Cats to travel with the Cheerleading Team.

It stated, “Along with leaving the team days before the competition, Henderson attempted to take the costumes they ordered and told the team members to order their own,” which is again totally inaccurate. Since the Sassy Cats had exhausted their budget, I personally fronted the money and ordered their uniforms for the Peach Belt Competition.

The uniforms were ordered on Feb. 13th, arrived February 15th, and were delivered to the ladies that same day, which was 10 days before the competition not three. This was also prior to receiving reimbursement which occurred March 5th.

It claimed that I, “didn’t have the same responsibilities as a coach;” however, Pattie Weimer was their on-campus Advisor of record, and I served as their off-campus Advisor, and according to the Department of Athletics, I also served as their Coach.

I understand that The Colonnade is a student paper, that writers are still learning journalism skills, and I do not harbor ill feelings towards Ms. Stevens. I do hope that she learns from this experience that it is more important to research all the facts, than to rush a story with so many inaccuracies. I can provide documents (emails, texts, shipping info, registration forms, etc.) which verify the facts I have addressed in this letter and hope to meet with you to go over it.

In closing, I want to say that I’ll always be a part of the Georgia College and Bobcat Athletics families, and I wish nothing but continued success for the Sassy Cats.


Doris Henderson

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