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Bobcats speak out: What did you do over spring break?

What did you do over spring break?

“Me and two buddies from back home went all over north-central Florida. I rode an elephant which was really cool. We kind of spring hopped and went to different fresh water springs that are crystal clear. There were some wild manatees that we got to swim with, and I connected with these huge animals. It was definitely cool.”

-Kaleb Clifford, senior and environmental science major

“Over spring break I went home to Savannah and hung out with my family and best friend. It was good. I didn’t do any homework. I just chilled, kind of stayed in, did some shopping and went to the beach.”

-Teonna Hayes, freshman and nursing major

“I went to Memphis, Tennessee with my girlfriend. We went to the National Civil Rights Museum, and we also saw a live jazz band at B.B. King’s club. We went down by the Riverwalk and had some great Memphis barbecue.”

-Cameron Watts, sophomore and economics major

“Over spring break, I stayed here in Milledgeville and watched Black Panther. I also picked up on my drawings which mostly consist of cartoons.”

-Dontavius T. Wilson, sophomore and English major

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