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Matt Krack resigns, Lord to appoint new SGA VP-elect

Matt Krack resigned as SGA vice president-elect on March 14 after making controversial remarks at a sorority fundraiser. President-elect Amelia Lord will appoint a replacement before the end of April.

His resignation follows backlash from many in the GC community toward Krack’s standup comedy performance at Alpha Delta Pi’s annual King of Diamonds philanthropy event on March 7. Throughout the routine, Krack cracked jokes his critics have called insensitive about various fraternities on campus, current SGA President Mike Muller and the sexuality of Theta Chi member Matthew Kelly.

“I think what he did was in poor taste, and I think it’s not the time to make those jokes when you are at a sorority function supporting the Ronald McDonald House,” said Kelly, a sophomore accounting major.

However, Kelly said he was not offended by the jokes made against him and that he thought they were funny.

But Tom Miles, executive director of campus life at GC, felt differently.

“To say something derogatory against the president of the U.S. can be perceived as funny because everybody knows it is outlandish and has no validity whatsoever, but comedy is predicated on who you’re talking about, what your relationship is in terms of the people you are talking about, and so it just matters,” Miles said.

However, Miles said GC administration will not get involved, considering this incident a student organizational issue. But he said the jokes that came from Krack were highly offensive and not funny.

Junior Carmen Joiner, a marketing major and president of ADPi, said many ADPi members were caught off guard by Krack’s routine.

“We had no idea that any of that was going to happen,” Joiner said. “Typically, we ask everybody to run through their talents, but we were running short on time and never heard [the routine]. Honestly they were just pretty offensive.”

Junior Mike Muller, current SGA president and an economics and political science major, said he was not pleased with the jokes Krack made and felt like it was a poor decision for somebody like Krack who will take office soon.

“Honestly I was disgusted by a lot of them, and I think it put a damper on a lot of our campus life, considering that a lot of the allegations weren’t true, which is just not okay,” Muller said.

Krack said he stepped down for mental health reasons and that his resignation had nothing to do with him coming under fire from his standup performance. He said that following the event, he experienced negative interactions with SGA members and others at GC that made him feel it would be best to step down because it could be detrimental to his mental health if he continued to work with them.

“It was less the event and more trying to take care of myself,” Krack said.

Krack said he was just trying to be funny onstage at King of Diamonds.

“When I signed up for King of Diamonds, I wanted to help ADPi’s philanthropy,” Krack said. “They were some of my biggest supporters in the campaign, and so I was trying to return the favor, and growing up, one of the things I was only ever good at was comedy and making people laugh. It wasn’t me getting on stage and trying to be mean to everyone because if that was the reaction, I wouldn’t have done it.”

Krack said he now sees the incident as a lapse in judgment.

“If I wasn’t the vice president elect, it would not have been an issue,” Krack said.

Krack said his new focus is future-leaning, and he will no longer participate in student government. Even if he was appointed, Krack said, he would still politely decline.

Within the next several weeks, SGA President-Elect and President Pro Tempore Amelia Lord will appoint a new vice president-elect.

“As soon as Matt resigned, I had to think about what to do next because I never want to be caught without a plan,” Lord said.

Lord said she is revisiting SGA’s constitution and bylaws and working on a resolution to the constitution to prevent confusion like this from happening in the future. SGA will vote on the resolution on April 6.

A GC SGA vice president-elect has never before resigned from office.

The only other similar event in SGA history occurred during SGA President Evan Karanovich’s administration from 2011-2012, when then Vice President Ross Sheppard was arrested for a DUI in Putnam county and was impeached from office.

Lord said that SGA is separate from her friendship with Krack and that they will remain good friends. She said that she still thinks very highly of him, and this incident does not negate Krack’s talents and caring nature.

Krack said Lord was extremely helpful through the resignation process.

“She is probably the only member of student government who really slowed down to think in a deliberative process and actually consider all the facts, look at all the sides, which is why I think she’ll make a great president,” Krack said.

Krack said that winning vice president did not define him.

“I was the one who defined what winning was, and so it wasn’t like my whole life was falling apart, you know?” Krack said. “It was just one piece, and I said, ‘Okay, onto the next thing.’”

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