• Compiled by Patrick Steimer

Bobcats speak out: what's your favorite springtime activity in Milly?

What's your favorite springtime activity in Milly?

“I really enjoy being on front campus on a beautiful day, enjoying the weather and socializing with my friends.”

-Jordan Prinsen, freshman and undeclared

“I really enjoy going downtown and getting bubble tea and then coming back to front campus to have a picnic with my friends.”

-McKenzie Helmbold, sophomore and early childhood education

“My favorite thing to do in the spring is laying out in the sun and

soaking up that vitamin D. I [also] like to take photos, and me and my friends like to play Frisbee.”

-Hani al-Sharif, junior, physics and math double major

“I like going to the Greenway with friends and playing Frisbee.”

-Dorianna Dobson, senior and biology major

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