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The perks of being a Bobcat

GC students have access to many different resources during their four years in Milledgeville. From the DEN just below Magnolia Ballroom with massage chairs and a soda machine to the vinyl records and projectors that can be checked out from the library, there are numerous resources offered that the everyday Bobcat might not be aware of.

Many go through college without ever having checked out a book from the library or step foot in the DEN. These are free resources given to GC students, and yet they are underutilized by many.

One such resource is the free access to, which allows users to search names to look back at family heritage.

“I did not know that [about Ancestry],” said junior Sami Montigny, a studio art major. “If they [GC administration] are spending money to have these things or are spending money at some point to have these resources, they should make them more well known to students. I’d probably go in the library a lot more if I knew everything it offered.”

Another resource at GC that many students don’t know they have access to is the different studio rooms at the Ina Dillard Russell Library. There are four studio rooms that can be checked out.

There is a print studio, an anatomy and physiology studio, a presentation studio and a recording studio. All of these rooms can be checked out like a student would reserve a normal study room, except for the anatomy and physiology studio, which is only offered to students enrolled in a biology course.

To reserve a study room or any of the studio rooms, there is a module online under the library website where reservations can be made, or a student can make the reservations in person at the printing desk on the second floor.

“I feel like people don’t know those resources are available,” said Lindsey Jones, a GC graduate and the Student Assistant Coordinator in the library. “Students seem unaware of what the library has to offer. I’ve seen people come in here, and they will be seniors, and they will say that they have never checked out a book before or that they didn’t even know there was a third floor.”

The main issue is that, while these resources exist to help students better their knowledge, there is a lack of advertising. These resources are only advertised on the screens around the library and on the library website, which students do not often visit.

Other underutilized but useful resources are the online database libraries that can be accessed through Galileo. Websites like Worldcat, which help students track down books at other libraries, TIME and LIFE magazine archives and even a database of old baseball cards are available through Galileo.

Students even have access to unique databases, like one full of Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps. Fire Insurance Maps are blueprints with every excruciating detail that have been posted online of old buildings across the state of Georgia. There are also maps of Milledgeville dating back to 1889, as well as blueprints to some of the old buildings at Central State Hospital down the street.

Another possibly unknown resource offered to GC students is the free online subscription to The New York Times. By going to The New York Times website and inputting their Bobcat email and Unify password, students can enjoy a paywall-free subscription to The New York Times and its accompanying app.

Last but not least, many students do not know that cameras, projectors, iPads, MacBook chargers and other utilities can be rented from the library front desk.

Junior Sara Grace Braswell, a nursing major, said that she rented an iPad for an entire semester during her sophomore year. She knew about the resources available, like Ancestry, because one day she was surfing the databases of PAWS.

“I would rent the projectors all the time for movie nights because we don’t have a TV, and we would just rent a projector and use our laptops to project it on a whole wall,” Braswell said.

Braswell felt strongly about these resources being utilized by students.

“How often do you get a chance to not be a mass comm major but rent a super nice camera for free, for a whole week, or for however long you want to keep it, because you can keep renewing it?”

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