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Coursey’s hot bat pacing second-place Bobcats

On a brisk spring afternoon, Holland Coursey approaches the plate with her familiar routine. She rubs the red dirt on her hands and stares at the barrel of her bat, completely relaxed. She crosses her bat across home plate and glares at the pitcher, focused and awaiting the first pitch.

Coursey, a senior outfielder for the Bobcats, eclipsed her 200th career hit milestone on April 14 as GC swept Flagler in a Saturday double-header.

Coursey is second in the PBC in batting average hitting .434 and also leads GC in RBI’s with 32.

“I knew I wanted to get my 200th career hit this year, and I knew it was possible,” Coursey said. “It’s always been a goal I had since starting out my career here, and I’ve had a lot of confidence recently in trusting my ability, and it’s paid off.”

A big contributor to Coursey’s success is consistency. Since her freshman year, she has been consistently productive for the Bobcats. She completed her first season as third best for GC in batting average, hitting .346, and was third best again her junior year, hitting .368.

“She’s progressed as we expected her to when we recruited her,” said head coach Jamie Grodecki. “She’s been consistently successful year after year.”

Coursey is an intelligent softball player who understands how to play her game and not try to be the player she isn’t.

“She understands situations with pressure and knows how to maintain composure,” Grodecki said. “She plays to her strengths and trusts her ability and knows she is capable of getting the job done.”

Coursey started playing softball at the age of eight. She wanted to follow in her dad’s footsteps, as he played baseball collegiately for Georgia State.

Instead of choosing Atlanta to further her education and extend her softball career, Coursey decided to come to GC. However, she did not come alone. Holland’s twin sister Hannah also decided to be a Bobcat and play softball for GC as well.

“I wanted to go to a school where I could play with my twin sister because that’s what was most important to me, and it helped that GC let us do that,” Coursey said. “I fell in love with the school, and I wanted to get a good education because I knew softball wouldn’t be around all my life.”

There is nothing more clear than the support and motivation that Holland and Hannah give to one another.

“We push each other to be the best we can be each day,” Hannah said. “We’re always at practice early or staying late, and it helps having that built-in person to do that with.”

The Coursey sisters constantly work to get better. The friendly competition and sibling rivalry motivates each to improve every day.

“They have each other’s back, and they’re both going to hold each other to the highest standard,” Grodecki said. “That’s why they’re so successful.”

Holland Coursey’s career has been defined by consistent numbers and a strong work ethic. Her and Hannah’s determination to enhance their skill sets and be the best versions of themselves by working together has produced a dynamic duo for the GC softball team.

“Without her twin sister, she might not work so hard,” Grodecki said. “Mentally, physically, spiritually, they are good for each other and push each other to be better in every aspect of their lives.”

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