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No days off: How GC’s athletes spend the offseason

Most people are aware of what the athletes do while their sport is in season, but once it’s concluded, where do they go? Unless an individual is holding out on training camp due to a contract negotiation or TMZ has acquired footage of an assault, then we don’t hear much about them.

GC is unlikely to have the individuals who don’t show up to practice awaiting their million dollar pay days, nor is TMZ itching to catch an athlete from Milledgeville in a scandal, but it helps put the offseason GC athlete into perspective.

Although there are not conference games or long awaited matchups every week, the offseason is an important time for the athletes here at GC.

Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams work everyday to improve. Whether they are working out with their strength and conditioning coach in the weight room or refining their individual skill sets, they are dedicating time everyday to their games.

“We trust Mike ‘Doc’ Martino’s expertise in the weight room,” said women’s head basketball coach Maurice Smith. “The coaching staff and myself conduct the skill development workouts to tune their weaknesses and enhance their overall basketball skills.”

For the GC cross country team, the training never stops. They resume their same conditioning programs and workout routines every week whether they are in season or not.

“With distance running, you can’t miss out on any time, or you’ll just be restarting at ground zero,” said head cross country coach Steven Cary. “With running, you have to continuously build on it to improve.”

The cross country team spends an average of about six hours a week training in the offseason. They also compete in around five track meets during the spring to stay focused and give themselves a taste of competition.

“We approach the offseason with the same intensity as we do in the fall,” Cary said.

The women’s volleyball squad continues a vigorous practice schedule in the offseason. Their practices are shorter, but the intense workouts and training are present five days of the week.

“We practice every morning for about an hour and a half and lift weights for three days a week,” said sophomore Libby Bochniak. “We try to make the most of our time.”

Although the volleyball team continues its practice schedule daily, members still have extra time than they do in the fall when they are in season.

“With so much extra time, we can go to more campus events,” Bochniak said. “And we can take more naps.”

The offseason is a time for preparation and sharpening an athlete’s individual game. Although it is not a fan’s favorite time of year, the athletes devotes themselves year-round, and that is what makes the good players great.

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