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The music behind WGUR's Local Noise

GC’s local radio station WGUR put on their biannual concert, Local Noise, on Friday, April 20.

The Pink Stones

From the classic city of Athens, The Pink Stones is a dreamy rock band influenced by many genres but particularly by folk.

Lead singer Hunter Pinkston started writing music after being inspired by Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Mazzy Star.

“I am super into old singer songwriters and old folk, so I took a lot from that,” Pinkston said. “We also take from 90s alternatives.”

Pinkston writes the songs, having different people play with him and help the band record and accumulate ideas. Their music is available on Spotify.

A couple weeks ago, Pinkston came to GC and did a solo set for Local Noise on front campus.

“It was just me and an acoustic guitar,” Pinkson said. “It was kind of like a couch concert sort deal.”

The band started after Pinkston performed in Atlanta with other artists and wanted to do a solo project.

“I wrote a couple songs and recorded them last summer, and then I wanted to start playing live,” Pinkston said.

Pinkston still plays with the same bass player who he started the band with. He says that a fun fact about the band is that everyone who plays with the duo is new. If he had to change the name of his band, he said he would go by his own name instead.

The Pink Stones were excited to return to GC, and the band’s energy and stage presence was uplifting. Listeners crowded around the stage, throwing their hands up for the sound.

Cain Gantt

GC Bobcat Cain Gantt is a solo acoustic artist from Johns Creek, Ga.

Gantt is a physics and mathematics major and said that the scientific background of music is what motivated him to start playing.

“Part of what helped me realize that I really like physics and that [physics is] what I want to do, is the fact that inside of a guitar, like an electric guitar … it’s simply electrical circuits,” Gantt said. “It finally clicked with me that there is a connection between physics, mathematics and science with the art of music. I’ve wanted to really explore the bridge between those two fields.”

Gantt plays acoustic guitar and performs his own music, which he has written over the past couple years.

“My biggest two influences are Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys and Jack White from The White Stripes and his whole career,” Gantt said.

Gantt said his number one song of all time is Jigsaw by Eyes on the Shore.

Along with the famous musical influences, Gantt also gives the credit to Guitar Hero for the start of his career in music.

“Back in middle school, my brother and I got guitar hero, and ever since its always been give or take,” Gantt said.

“Some years I played more, and some years I played less. But I seriously got into music after getting into a band in high school.”

This was Gantt’s second time attending Local Noise.

“To me, it was just a lot of amazing musicians playing music, and it was exciting,” he said.


From Rutland High School in Macon to the stage of Blackbird in Milledgeville, Hindsight shares its passion for playing music with its members and listeners.

Hindsight considers their music alternative rock ‘n’ roll. Lead singer Caleb Melvin said they are inspired by multiple different types of music.

“Manchester Orchestra is a huge influence for us,” Melvin said. “We love the Alabama Shakes, The Gorilla—Kendrick

Lamar is a beautiful lyricist. Really just older southern rock and newer progressive rock. All things in-between.”

When writing new songs, the band jams together to sees what sounds good.

“Sometimes I’ll come up with a general idea, and sometimes we get together,” Melvin said. “Somebody will just hit a note, and we will follow it and run from there.”

The band also records while freestyle playing, so that if they like something, they can go back and play it again.

The band members of Hindsight went to high school together and became a band later after graduating.

“About two years ago, the 5/4, a music incubator in downtown Macon, started up,” Melvin said. “I hit up my buddy Hunter Pettis who is now the drummer of the band, and we got together and jammed. Then Jake, Brent and Seth came in, and we all got together. It was like a little reunion.”

Melvin said the first song they wrote together as a band was called “Title Wave.”

“It’s cool that we have that connection,” Melvin said. We all weren’t super close in high school, but just the fact that we’ve known each other and kind of went our separate ways and came back to each other.”

Hindsight played at 11 p.m. on the Blackbird stage. Their energy and sound mesmerized the crowd.

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