• Katie O'Neal | Staff Writer

Bobcats Speak Out: How are you preparing for finals week?

“Physically, I try to study for about an hour a day. I just kind of take turns on my classes. Like on Mondays, I study for politics, and Tuesdays I study for Spanish. I usually rest my mind on the weekends, and I try to be outside when I study.”

-Freshman Shelby Kirkland, a political science major

“I have been taking time to chill out like throwing the Frisbee on front campus between studying a lot.”

-Freshman Wilson Moore, an accounting major

“I [have been] studying beforehand. I [have] relaxation moments, so my mind is not boggled up with all the information and stress. I go to front campus and the Greenway to relax. I definitely focus early in the morning and at night when studying.”

-Freshman Melody Malek, a marketing major

“Physically, I go to the gym every day. Mentally, I try to hang out with friends to get my mind off of the stress. I go to the library late at night to study because I focus better at night personally.”

-Sophomore Kevin McBride, a business management major

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