• Eva Sheehan

Bobcats Speak Out: What is the one thing freshmen should never do?

​​"Freshmen should not buy textbooks; they should rent textbooks.” – Mary Spears, junior history and political science major

"A freshman should not be afraid to try new things. Whether it be a club or a campus ministry or even a Greek organization, you should always be open to try new things in college. That’s kind of what you’re here to do.” – Terrance Phillip, junior physics major

"Freshmen should not be afraid to talk somebody. Whether it’s [your] professor or somebody that’s not your year, just don’t be afraid to talk to someone else on this campus that you don’t think is a freshman, because that is how I made some of my greatest connections.” – Christy Helms, senior English creative writing and liberal studies major

"Don’t procrastinate. I know everyone says that, but that’s because it’s so true. If you start working on projects and papers well in advance, you stress less, and a lot of times if you need help, professors are willing to help.” – Kassie Dierker, sophomore music therapy major

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