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Investing time in library leads to student success

Spending more time in the library leads to success.

The GC library currently has 37 study rooms with 13 being walk-ins and 24 requiring a reservation. With 25,034 bookings last year, the rooms are constantly in use.

In the past year, GC students have spent 57,576 hour, in the study rooms throughout the Ina Dillard Library, with 3,908 unique bookings.

The 57.5 percent of students using the study rooms probably didn’t realize the correlation between spending time in the library and higher GPAs.

To get a walk-in study room, students can go to the 3D printing desk and talk to one of the student assistants. Students can also reserve rooms online through the GC library website.

“We give out keys to study rooms, as well as answer any questions students have, and we can help with some introductory computer questions,” said senior Andrew O’Conor, a political science major, who works at the 3D printing desk.

If the 3D printing desk is closed, students can pick up study room keys from the circulation desk.

Senior Amy Spradlin, a public health major, who is a student assistant at the circulation desk, said that the circulation desk has a lot of responsibilities.

“The circulation desk is where students go to pick up books, movies, electronics or games they have reserved, or if they just have a question, we are a great place to ask it,” Spradlin said. “The circulation desk has a lot of things people don’t know about, so they don’t know to ask.”

Most study rooms are located on the third floor of the library which is a quiet zone.

Donna Bennett, the associate director of Collection and Resource Services, said that the study rooms are only one small reason to visit the library.

“The library has a lot of good resources and materials,” Bennett said. “We have sound booths…, a virtual reality room, [an] anatomy and physiology room and even a piano that people can come and play on.”

Jamie Addy, the first and second year librarian, said she believes that the Learning Commons is just as important as the other resources the library offers.

The Learning Commons includes the Research Center, the Learning Center and the Writing Center.

The Learning Center has tutors in a variety of different subjects available Monday through Thursday noon/ to 8:00 p.m. The Research Center provides students help with research papers, finding reliable sources and narrowing down topics, and the Writing Center helps teach students how to be better writers.

However, the Research Center had less than 445 GC students take advantage of its help during the spring semester of last year.

The library also has many resources for students who cannot or do not want to visit in person.

On the library website, students can reserve study rooms and electronic equipment such as cameras, laptops and microphones. The website also allows access to Galileo, and many of the books available in the library are in the library catalog.

For students wanting to print, the library has black and white printing for 10 cents a page, color printing for 75 cents a page and 3D printing for 10 cents a gram, as well as poster printing.

Bennett also said that orientation tours aren’t enough to get a good understanding of what the library has to offer.

“I encourage students to come and explore the library,” Bennett said. “This place has a lot of cool stuff and good resources, and only by exploring it are you going to be able to find what excites you.”

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