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CFA now accepts meal equivlancy swipes

GC is now offering late-night meal swipes at Chick-fil-A and Subway in the Bobcat Food Court after years of suggestions from student surveys.

Now students with a meal plan can go to Chick-fil-A after the MAX has closed and use a once-daily meal equivalency swipe.

The equivalency swipe is also valid at Chick-fil-A and at Books & Brew in the library. However, students can only use one meal equivalency swipe per day.

“Students think they have one swipe per meal period, and that is not a true statement,” said Greg Brown, director of auxiliary services. “It is only one swipe per day. So we offer meal equivalency in the morning and at lunch at Books and Brew. So if you wanted breakfast there or [at] The Lunch Box grab-and-go, and you use your meal equivalency swipe there, you won’t have it available at Chick-fil-A that evening after the MAX closes.”

The meal equivalency swipe is set up to equal approximately $6.85, which is the price of any Chick-fil-A sandwich, fries and drink.

“So if you get a spicy chicken sandwich, a fry and a drink, the meal equivalency will cover it,” Brown said. “As long as a salad is $6.85, it will cover that as well.”

The idea was brought to GC’s attention after years of student survey responses asking for a late night meal option, since the dining hall closes at 7:30.

“[Students are] like wait I’m hungry at 9, or class gets out late,” Brown said. “We didn’t want to do a meal equivalency at the MAX because it gets old, and we [would] have to keep it open. So we offered meal equivalency at Chick-fil-A after the MAX closes.”

The new meal equivalency swipes also includes Subway; however, since the equivalency swipe will only pay for $6.85 of the sandwich, if there is an amount still due, the student pays the difference.

“I think that it’s good, but I also feel that we should also be able to swipe when the MAX is open,” said freshman Ashlyn Brady, an undecided major.

Upperclassmen also like this meal plan, however it doesn’t make them feel the need to purchase a meal plan.

“It’s fye,” said junior Sam Martin, a psychology major. “It doesn’t make me want to go buy a whole meal plan, but that’s nice for the freshman and upperclassmen who buy meal plans.”

Additionally, GC has gotten rid of CatCash being included in a meal plan. Now students will have to add CatCash manually to their card through one of the several machines on campus or online.

“[Removing the inclusion of CatCash] reduced the cost of the meal plan and was done purposefully because some students like having CatCash, and other students said, ‘I do not need all of that CatCash,’” Brown said. “So now we are saying, ‘Here is your meal plan that is just for meals.’ You get to determine how much CatCash you may or may not use, and you can put that on your card still.”

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