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SGA Elections

The GC student body elected 25 senators into the Student Government Association last Friday, wrapping up the senatorial elections.

Five of these students were elected to the category of Senator At Large. If a student is elected At Large, they might be 28 hours through their sophomore year, and might be closer to being a junior than a sophomore. 5th year seniors are also often elected to at large positions for senate.

Many GC students, however, do not know the senator position does in SGA.

“Those who win the senate elections are those who the campus wants to represent them,” said SGA President Amelia Lord.

Lord also explained the senators’ roles in passing bills on campus and the process of passing a bill on campus. An organization that has advertised for their cause and needs to be reimbursed approaches a senator directly and asks for he or she to represent it in the senate hearing. After being approached, the senator writes a bill and presents it to the student senate. After, it is up to the totality of the senate to decide if this organization should receive all of the money it have asked for in the bill proposed.

The most recent bill passed on the GC campus was the bill to appoint Sarah Smith to the vice president position after Matt Krackenberger resigned in April of 2018.

Lord also mentioned that senate elections are being held two weeks earlier than normal.

“We want to have representatives on campus as soon as possible, so we can get students the help they need,” Lord explained.

Lord also mentioned that she didn’t need anyone to specifically win, and she would never put her platform on a student. However, she said she has been working closely with a few people who were running, and she has been tightening up the initiatives she wants to push for this coming term.

Lord mentioned that herself and another senator have pioneered an SAT and ACT tutoring program for early college students on campus, which is something early college students asked for specifically.

She said that in the past term she did everything she could to streamline the laws and bylaws for campus and did her best to change the Senate so that it was more accessible for students not in SGA.

Lord also mentioned that previously students did not know much about the senate or the processes within the senate. She said that many students do not know that the senate is a separate body apart from SGA and that it is presided over by Sarah Smith.

Furthermore, Lord encourages students to sit in on Senate meetings to see how the process works and see how they can be more involved themselves.

Senate meetings are held at 2 p.m. every Friday in the Maple conference room on the second floor of the Magnolia Ballroom.

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